Final Delivery

The Final Solution: KoopaKonstruct Manager

The BPMN diagram below is a simple representation of our KoopaKonstruct Manager.

In summary we are using Hololenses to inspect a chosen area where we want to e.g. hang up a coat rack, build a table, and similar. In order to make the Hololenses smart, we have integrated OpenAI. We are using Function calling to provide instructions about the requested project, information about necessary materials and quantity.This is where we are making our KoopaKonstruct really smart.

As real #Crawlers we use OpenAI’s Function calling to dynamically create the search criterias based on natural language. Google Speach to text is used to capture the natural language query. We are really integrating into everything that flips bits #Embedding numbnuts! With help of the search criterias, we are able to provide critical information further into the supply chain, meaning all the way down to the FinOps where we are improving critical business processes (this will be explained later in this blog post).

Below is a picture from the Hololenses where we use a button to speak with AI:

GPTVision helps us interpret work drawings and breaks it down into the steps needed, so that we can get a clear instruction of what materials we need, how many and how to build the desired object. Using Power Automate, we are able to share and send the item details and necessary quantity into FinOps.

As an addition to the OpenAI magic, we have also created a canvas app that is integrated in the Hololense #PlugN’Play. From this app you can perform business processes, such as triggering sales orders, check inventory status, and 4 different Power BI reports to monitor sales orders and follow up late deliveries #Dash it out.

And here is where we really improve business processes; when the information is sent to FinOps we use X++ code to check inventory status. If materials are in stock, a sales order is created and sales order confirmation is sent. If there are no (or not enough) materials in stock, we also create a purchase order in addition to the sales order. A link between the purchase order and sales order is created, enabling the ability to understand where the demand is coming from. Additionally, to make the KoopaKonstruct Manager adaptable to e.g. construction companies, we have created the possibility to link the purchase and sales orders with projects. This provides a lot of possibilities for detailed project management for the finance geeks.

Below is our argumentation to why we believe we should score high on all 4 categories!

Most Extreme Business Value

Our team embarked on a quest to redefine the meaning of business value, and we present to you KoopaKonstruct Manager – a solution that not only orders products through Hololenses but catapults business efficiency into a realm beyond imagination.

Automating the Complete Supply Chain with Hololenses

We harnessed the power of Hololenses to revolutionize the way products are ordered. One user, equipped with the mighty Hololens, registers the necessary quantity with a mere wave of the hand, triggering a Power Automate flow like a seasoned Mario collecting power-ups.

The adventure doesn’t stop there! Our Power Automate flow seamlessly transmits the order information to FinOps using the Execute action. The magic unfolds as FinOps automatically generates a sales order and a purchase order based on inventory stock. But here’s where the plot thickens – these orders are not solitary entities; they are linked together, creating a dynamic duo that unravels the mystery behind each purchase. There is no need to spend as much as a second wondering how or why the orders were created; the link indicate that there is a demand behind each purchase order.

See yourself sitting in an ordering office at a company where the customers are able to generate sales orders by only entering a demand. And, in addition to the automatic creation of sales order, imagine that you did not have to study the master plan to generate the purchase order as it is automatically created! And as a side salsa, you did not even have to trigger the sales order confirmation as it is sent automatically. So, while you are sitting there wondering about what to do with your life (and how long it takes before the CEO finds out that you are useless as the power of Power Automate and X++ took your job), you can relax and focus on other more important things in life, such as playing a Super Mario game.

Power Stars: Automated Project Linkage

But wait, there’s more! We also increased the business value for construction and engineering enterprises. With the ability to automatically link both the purchase and sales orders to projects, we’ve bestowed upon industries that thrive on projects a golden opportunity to enhance their efficiency and project management. It’s not just about ordering; it’s about constructing a bridge to a new era of project-linked prosperity.

The Warp Whistle to Most Extreme Business Value

We make a bold claim for the “Most Extreme Business Value” category in this year’s ACDC Hackathon. Here’s why our adventure deserves the highest score:

  1. Efficiency: Our solution isn’t just about ordering; it’s about efficiency power-ups that automate the entire supply chain process, from order initiation to linkage in FinOps.
  2. Dynamic and Time-saving: The automatic creation of linked sales and purchase orders provides unparalleled visibility into demand and supply, laying the foundation for strategic business decisions.
  3. Project Linkage: For construction and engineering businesses, our automated project linkage is a treasure trove of golden coins, offering enhanced project management capabilities and business value beyond the ordinary.
  4. Adaptable: Our solution is not only limited to the B2B-market, but can also be used for the B2C-market. Making the app available to customers, they can create orders automatically and receive high quality service as the complete supply chain has become even more efficient.

Excellent User Experience

We have created a Super Mario inspired canvas app that is adapted into the Hololenses. In other words, our app transforms ordinary into extraordinary!


Killer AI

Whether you’re a seasoned AI veteran or just dipping your toes into the mushroom-filled waters of innovation, our solution is a testament to the power that AI holds in shaping the future.

KoopaKonstruct Manager is not just a game-changer; it’s a game-transformer. Through the mastery of machine learning, we’ve empowered our solution to evolve, adapt, and learn from the challenges it encounters. From predicting order quantities to optimizing supply chain processes in the real world (and in FinOps), our AI-driven approach is a power-up for efficiency and foresight.

In the quest for the Killer AI “crown”, KoopaKonstruct offers more than just automated processes. It also includes magic in form of predictive insights, providing a glimpse into the future of demand, supply, and project landscapes. Strategic decision-making becomes second nature as our AI-driven system transforms data into actionable intelligence.

A mind of its own

In the pursuit of the existential risk badge, our AI solution goes beyond mere execution—it thinks, learns, and adapts with a mind of its own. Through autonomous decision-making capabilities, it navigates the complexities of supply chain processes and provides responses not even a 20 year old is able to find without searching the web.

KoopaKonstruct isn’t just smarter than a 5th grader; it engages in intelligent conversations that transcend the limitations of a classroom. It doesn’t just provide answers; it grapples with FinOps and supply chain complexities, understands nuances, and offers insights that reflect a level of intelligence resembling a dynamic dialogue.

Why KoopaKonstruct Manager deserves the Killer AI “crown”

  1. Innovation Beyond the Blocks: KoopaKonstruct isn’t confined to the traditional boundaries. It breaks through the blocks of conventional solutions, paving the way for a new era of AI-driven innovation.
  2. Adaptability in Every Pixel: Our solution dynamically adapts to the ever-changing business environment, ensuring resilience and adaptability in every pixel of our solution.
  3. Mind Mastery: Our AI isn’t just a tool; it’s a mastery that elevates KoopaKonstruct into a symphony of efficiency, intelligence, and strategic foresight.

Pandoras Box

Equipping a Hololens with AI that can answer questions, order materials, and assist in selecting the right materials and tools for any project based on online instructions transforms DIY into an accessible experience for the less handy. This technology takes the guesswork out of building, offering tailored advice on what to build, the best materials and tools for the job, and even suggesting projects that match your interests and available space. It’s like having a personal tutor and assistant rolled into one, guiding you through the entire process from conception to completion. This seamless integration of technology with hands-on work not only makes crafting projects more approachable for beginners but also enriches the experience with educational value, ensuring that anyone can undertake and succeed in their DIY endeavors with confidence.

Super Crayon Bros – Soria Moria Nightmare – Final Delivery

Video with a full playthrough of the entire experience above.

We have created a game framework AND a game using the framework. During ACDC 2024 in 3 days! We used Power Platform and the products within like, Power Apps, Power Automate, Copilot Studio and Dataverse. We also used Azure DevOps for ALM and making the solution portable to other tenants and environments.

Of course it is responsive! and looks beatiful!

Gamification framework

We have created a framework for a gamified way to learn. This framework can be reused to create new games with all kinds of thinkable subjects. 

The framework has predefined content like

  • Game progress
    • Start and Story
    • Quests and Tasks
    • Finale
  • points
  • layouts
  • dialog boxes
  • inputs
  • outputs

Exceptional looks!

Images for backgrounds and characters can be customized to create a unique look and a complete new looking game and story. Look at this blogpost for screens: Great user experience and beautiful screens!

Quest and tasks

The Quests in the game can be created by adding new entries to the Quest and task tables.  The tasks can be of any kind, just limited by the creators imagination.

In this solution we have tasks like:

  • Point and click
  • Puzzle
  • Send in an external email to unlock a task

This methology and design makes it easy to adjust and add content, making it reusable for all kinds of training or fun (or both some will say….)!

Of course we have AI!

A large amount of the actual content is generated by AI. Images and stories are created by custom GPTs within OpenAI.

Intelligent NPCs!

A NPC follows the user in the game and will guide the player. This makes the game a lot more fun and personal. The character has a personality and will answer question about the environment the player currently is in. The player ask in natural language and the NPC answers by using generativ AI. This is implemented as a custom prompt in Copilot Studio. 

The information to the NPC is feed from the game database. This means that new quests and tasks will automatically be fed to the NPC. 
Look at this blogpost for details. Using AI to create a game

The game progress framework as a picture

Final delivery Peaches Mini Games

Step into the world of Peaches Mini Games, where education meets innovation and business value takes center stage. Join us on a journey through an English classroom case study, user-centric design principles, and the integration of killer AI in crafting an engaging quiz game. Uncover the core philosophy behind Out of the Box Fun and understand why our participation in this competition is driven by a passion for spreading joy and fostering inclusivity. This post will guide you through the various components of Peaches Mini Games, providing insights into its educational impact, user-centric design, and groundbreaking use of AI technologies.

Most Extreme Business Value

The business value of Peach Mini Games is linked to education. The game is designed to make learning motivating for children while providing valuable insights for teachers. By analyzing the results from the game, teachers can tailor their instruction, optimize time usage, and address each student’s specific competency level.

Let’s go through the business value with a case study.

English teacher Katrine is going to teach class 2A about Australia. She wants to focus on where the country is located and what makes it special. She plans to use traditional chalkboard teaching methods, but to ensure that the students have truly grasped the information, she needs to assess them. She will do this in two ways:

  • Quiz
  • Glossary test

The quiz gathers information about Australia from ChatGPT, but Katrine has, of course, double-checked the content to ensure it aligns with her teaching materials. The purpose of conducting the quiz is to find out if the students have understood the key topics from the lesson.

In addition to the quiz, Katrine wants to take the opportunity to have a glossary test focusing on Australian animals. This way, she ensures that the children learn about the country’s unique animals and how to spell the related words.

After conducting the two tests, Katrine sees in her PowerBI dashboard that the class, as a whole, has a good understanding of Australia based on the quiz. However, she notices that many students had difficulty spelling the words for the Australian animals. Therefore, she needs to make some adjustments before moving on to the next topic in the curriculum.

Next week, Katrine focuses on improving the class’s spelling skills, and on Friday, she conducts the vocabulary test again. This time, she sees in PowerBI that the results are excellent, and the measures she implemented have had a very positive impact. This means that Katrine can continue teaching with confidence, knowing that Class 2A has a solid understanding of Australia.

Excellent user experience

From the outset, our primary focus was on designing a seamless and exceptional user experience. Our aim was to establish a cohesive visual identity throughout the entire solution, ensuring that users felt immersed in a unified universe.

Given that the overarching storyline across all the games revolves around the badass Princess Peach rescuing Super Mario from certain peril, we decided to make Peach’s signature color, pink, our primary color. However, we also wanted to infuse our own unique twist into the design, moving away from the traditional 2D aesthetic of the older Super Mario games.

To set the tone and serve as a foundation for our visual identity, we began by creating the logo. Additionally, we strived for consistency by employing the same background across all the games, maintaining a cohesive look and feel. This background was meticulously crafted from scratch, utilizing a photograph of a brick wall and incorporating Photoshop effects. Similarly, the buttons and other geometric elements in our apps were also created from scratch using Photoshop.

During our design process, we stumbled upon an incredible image of Princess Peach donning battle gear, perfectly aligning with the vision of our universe, where she portrays a badass version of herself while rescuing Mario.

In addition to our visual considerations, we were committed to ensuring accessibility in our design. To achieve this, we utilized a color contrast checker to ensure compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, particularly in terms of color usage.

To deliver a remarkable user experience, we prioritize physical inclusion and social value creation in our game design. Our game is thoughtfully designed to be played both physically and digitally, catering to different preferences and abilities. In the physical version, players engage in outdoor play by moving around a designated area, scanning QR codes to access various mini-games, promoting physical activity and enjoyment of fresh air. For those with mobility challenges, the digital version allows players to control Princess Peach on a game board, unlocking mini-games in different rooms. This ensures inclusion and flexibility, enabling gameplay outside of school hours. By considering physical inclusion and offering a diverse range of play options, we enhance the user experience while also aligning with business value, expanding our market reach and creating an inclusive environment for all players. Additionally, our website is fully responsive, ensuring seamless access to the game on desktop and mobile devices, further promoting inclusivity and convenience for players of all backgrounds and preferences.

Killer AI

Our journey to make a Bowser Quiz mini-game revolves around creating an innovative chatbot browser quiz game using Copilot Studio. We embarked on an exploration of different AI technologies to enhance the functionality of our game.

Initially, we experimented with Generative AI, which proved effective in generating answers. However, we encountered a challenge in verifying the correctness of these answers. To overcome this limitation, we decided to leverage AI Builder in a power automate flow. Unfortunately, we encountered another obstacle as the process required an approval text before further processing.

Undeterred, we continued our pursuit of a robust solution and discovered the new Prompts feature in Copilot Studio. Through multiple iterations and fine-tuning of the prompts, we successfully trained Copilot to accurately determine whether a given answer is correct or incorrect.

Some examples:

It works!

By combining the power of exploring the limitations and uses of Generative AI, AI Builder, and Copilot’s Prompts, we have created a chatbot browser quiz game that not only provides answers but also verifies their accuracy. This innovative approach showcases our ability to harness the limitless possibilities of AI technologies, such as machine learning and neural networks, to craft unique and intelligent solutions.

Through our project, we aim to demonstrate the potential of AI in creating engaging and interactive experiences. The incorporation of various AI techniques and the iterative development process highlight our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation.

We are excited to present our Bowser Quiz mini-game, showcasing how we have harnessed the power of AI to create a cutting-edge chatbot browser quiz game that not only entertains but also ensures the accuracy of answers.

Pandoras Box

Out of the Box Fun is in many ways both the core of the product we deliver and the reason why we participate in the competition. The product, or more precisely, the game, is crafted based on pure joy with the primary goal of contributing to learning in a fun and engaging way for students. Inspired by the nostalgia of Super Mario, the opportunity to put our own spin on things (yes, made Super Mario into a pink paradise), and the ability to create whatever we wanted, planted a seed in all of us to develop something that genuinely stems from joy and fun.

In addition to the fact that what we have created obviously has the primary purpose of spreading joy, our participation is also based on the same. Our team comprises superstars in low code as well as those who never felt at home in the coding world but wanted to give it another chance and created their first canvas app this weekend (and now definitely want to do more of it).

The opportunity to create exactly what we want has given us the chance to explore our most creative ideas in an environment with the industry’s most skilled individuals. This unique environment has opened up opportunities for learning and mutual support in a way that surpasses other available options.

Peaches Mini Games

In the description of Peach Mini Games, we will first showcase the game as a whole and then delve deeper into each of the different parts of the solution.


Mini game 1: Hangman

This is a Canvas App built only using the out of the box components and Fx logic.
Here is a step by step guide to how to build the Hangman game.

Mini game 2: Bowser Kill Quiz

Here is a step by step description of how the quiz is built

Mini game 3: Glossary test

Mini game 4: Head 2 Head

Mini game 5: Peaches flight

Score board

Here is a description of how we integrated it into Teams.

Get a Personal plumber, all fully automated with AI

How do we give you the help you need in such speed, you may ask!
It’s because we leverage the AI Builder to assign you a plumber based on your incident description.
It will automaticly do sentiment analysis on your topic to give you the right guy/gal, as well as translating the description to Italian, to make life easier for our plumbing friends!

How does it work?

First you create a incident through our PlumbQuest website

This will create a case that runs through a Power Automate flow to set all described above.

First we check if a new case is created and then we run 2 AI Builder jobs, Translate language and Sentiment analysis.

Then we split then we assign you a plumber based on the severity of the situation!
WIth a properly certified plumber!

As you can see the case is updated with the information directly, and showing the assigned plumbers info and certifications.


Brand logo for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing

Brand colors to achieve a cohesive look

Power Pages with a Punch!

We have developed a portal that offers a seamless, user-friendly experience, complete with an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Pay attention to the brand colors, logo, and AI-generated images tailored specifically to match the context of the page.

PlumbAdmin Unplugged: Where Pipes Meet Punchlines!

The design of the internal UI is as vital as a perfect tomato sauce – it boosts the user experience, makes work efficient like a well-oiled machine, and cuts down the learning curve, making everything as smooth as a gondola ride! Capisce?

Super Mario

The theme in the model driven app “PlumbAdmin” is set to our brand colors and our logo is added to the header.

The menu items are named with brand lingo and engaging emojis.

The Dashboard “Coin Generator” gives Mario and Luigi the best overlook of key business data
The Contact form gives a good overview of contact information, achieved certifications and the contact’s assets
PlumbQuests forms has a custom business process flow and Quick View Form showing the assigned plumber’s contact information and certifications.

The Devil is in the Details

Custom favicon

Luigi’s profile picture in PlumBot and his italian sassy accent gives an extra touch

You can open your personalized diploma in wide screen:

We claim the badge Glossy Pixels because our designs not only shine with clarity and vibrancy, but also bring every pixel to life with a touch of sophistication and engaging visuals.

We strive to achieve high scores in the excellent user experience category because our platform is meticulously crafted to be intuitive, responsive, and tailored to meet internal AND external user needs, ensuring a seamless and satisfying interaction at every touchpoint.

We aim to showcase our skill in the Killer AI category, highlighting our use of customized AI-generated images tailored specifically for the websites page’s context.

Moreover, our approach goes beyond just having a chatbot. We’ve intricately designed it to embody the spirited personality of Luigi, complete with charming Italian sass. Offering users a dynamic and personalized interaction experience

Stop at nothing to get certified, the bravest might face the wrath of JV Kong

What’s better than testing your skills in the field? Handson experience to get certified? Thats User experiance at its peak!

With our Plumber Power-Up certification program you could go far!

Simply log on to our websit, grab your controller and GO.
Here’s a tour on what to expect.

On the startscreen you can pick what Certification you want to take, PL-200, PL-400 or the prestigious PL-600.

In the PL-200 test you must use all your skills to bandaid the broken pipe

In PL-400 you get to explore the world, through advanced sidescolling and jumping at you fingertips

In PL-600 you will have to accumulate all your previous skills to face the Chief of security himself, JV Kong, be ware, because he get very angry if you hit his ghost pet.
Be sure to turn up the volume for this one!

Whats even nicer is that you certifications is automaticly generated and posted to your certification profile, directly after completing the cert!

On the technical side there is quite a few variables, timers and images

Conciderations for the categories:

Exellent user experience:
What is more user friendly than playing games on an old (fake) CRT TV with a controller, It both feels and look fantastic, makes you all warm and fussy inside!

Most extreme business Value:
Get certified and join the ranks of other Plumbers (whos subcribed) to or fine service, get recognized by customers through the Certification portal and get jobs based on your merits!

Pandoras Box:
Hard on the gaming experiance trying to replicate some of the old characterisitcs of the good old days.
Solving scrolling levels, collision detection on bosses and triggering automated flow on completion. all by using gamepad as primary input.

we generate your own personal certificate using Dalle3, to show off!

Glossy neon warrior Princess Peach

With this blog post we are aiming for the Glossy Pixels badge

We will also argue that to have a consistent visual identity across all the games will create a good user experience, so this blog post should also be considered to count towards the Excellent User Experience category.

Excellent user experience


We created the logo first, to set the tone, find the colors and use this as a baseline in the visual identity.

We use a website to generate this glowing effect


To get the same look and feel across the apps we also use the same background.

This is created from scratch with a picture of a brick wall and effects created in Photoshop

The buttons on the bottom and other geometrical elements used in the apps are created in Photoshop from scratch with the help of this tutorial:

Why do we bother creating this from scratch? Because it’s fun! 😀 And a bit retro to not use AI to generate everything?

We found a good picture of Princess Peach where she is in her battle gear. In our “Peaches Mini Games” world she is saving Mario – so we wanted her to look badass..

Implement the visual identity across the apps

The Power BI Scoreboard

The Hangman Game

Peaches Flight App

We will also make sure to implement this visual identity across the other websites and apps that we make as the solution progresses to make sure that the user feels that they are playing games in the same universe.

Glossy ✨personalized✨ diplomas

We are already building a certification app where aspiring plumbers can complete levels to achieve the PLumber Certifications; PL-200, PL-400 and PL-600. As described in the linked blog post, a flow to create a badge in sharepoint is triggered when the level is completed. That flow has been modified by adding an action to create a diploma with ChatGPT.

We created a Custom Connector for OpenAI API i Power Automate to be able to access image generator.

The custom connector is added as an action in the flow. By getting the rank input from the trigger, we set the certification (rank 1 = PL-200). A prompt is added to the Image Generator-action, as well as other inputs (notice the quality input is set to “HD”). When the inputs are added, you can just Go With the Flow

The URL of the Image Generator-action is added as file content to the new sharepoint file.

Each diploma is different every time it’s generated, making it impossible to replicate. This adds an element of exclusivity and value to the certifications earned through our app. You never know what to expect, much like something you might unearth from Pandora’s Box. The Excellent User Experience and Killer AI is impossible to overlook.

Take a look at two extraordinary certifications examples down below. Are your eyes just as blinded by The Glossy Pixels as ours?? Just look at the HD quality… And isn’t the italian typos a charming effect?

Evidi PirateBays – Final delivery – PiRisk

We present to you… PiRisk

Your one stop shop solution for the risk averse, frugal and greedy, yet battlescared pirate!


The main goal of the solution is to provide a pirate captain with the optimal booties to hit at each given time, based on a plethora of information.

Solution parts

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard is a PowerBI dashboard with a connection to the Dataverse that our Dynamics 365 uses.

The PowerBI dashboard provides

  • Aggregated view of custom areas (areas can span both land and sea)
  • Indication of “profitability” of each area based on indexes
  • Indexes include
  • Booty index
    • Battle index
    • Efficiency index

      Further description of the dashboard lies here


Simulations are run in Dynamics 365

We have a PiRisk App that allows you to access and manipulate the solution, run simulations etc.

Index theory

The indexes are weighted against each other. The weight is based on an original value and is constantly updated by PiRisk AI based on results from simulations and actual PiRaids. Adding new indexes in perpituity is thus supported allowing for continually improving results moving forward

Index based GTO

Methodology for indexes is drawn from GTO for AI advancements of Poker to achieve human parity (spoiler alert… we have passed that point already 🙂


  • Booty Index
    • Booty Index is based on the calculated and weighted value of

Due dilligence and QA on our development environment. By mistake it was set up in North-America. We didn’t realize in time that this was an issue. By the time we did, we had used so much time in

Final Delivery from The Bastards

Let us tell you a story about a pirate captain. She was paranoid and very afraid that his creaw would mutiny. She wish there was a way to keep track of the current mood of every crew member before and after raids, a way to be prepared and know hos to distribute the loot to keep everyone happy, but still keep as much as possible of the gold to herself.

As we all know, if you want something done you need to do it yourself. And as any good technology savy leader the captain set out on a quest to find a solution.

She gathered the best technology savy pirates she could find, put them in a room with loads of beer and food, and locked the door for three days. Now, let’s look at what the team actually created.

This is the team:

Capture Pirates

First and foremost the captain needed a smart, fast and easy way to capture a picture and details about the crew members. You can not rely on pirates to shop up for onboarding, so the captain needed a mobile app that would allow her to take pictures of the pirates as they enter the ship on the way out to seas.

How the app works:

The app is a Canvas App with a camera control on the first screen

When user click the camera control they navigate to the next screen where they will see their picture.

They can go back and take a new picture if they are not happy, or move on to “Piratefy me”.

If user click the “Pratefy me” button a power automate flow is triggered. We pass the image base64 value as a value and store the reply value in a variable.

the Canvas App the user will see the newly created name and their picture Piratified


The app captures an image which is then sent to be classified correctly as man/woman/person to counter for the bias of mail pirates in the image training model (Stable diffusion v1.5). Next the classifier input is used when we infuse the captured image with pirate traits, realising the true pirate you as a new photo. To go with the cool pirate you, you need an authentic pirate name matching your new look. This is all achieved via Azure Open AI (PirateGPT – text-davinci-003) which in turn generate proper JSON objects to be sent back to the app.

As the App now has captured your name and look, this is sent over to Dataverse for safe keeping. And we know have good track of a ships crew. And pirate life can be summed up as, raid, get money, be happy, spend money, get broke, become unhappy, then raid some more or you stage a mutiny ridding the ship of the current captain to star over.

This lifestyle is simulated by the PirateGPT mood generator. Every hour the mood per pirate on a ship is re-assessed based on the previous mood, the current loot left on the ship – with a random factor of weather, because as we know, sun is cool, rain and storm is bad.

The mood data is kept for safe keeping in the crew mood Dataverse store, and displayed in the real-time Mutiny PowerBI dashboard allowing the captain to easily plan new raids or not.

Pirate GPT

Prompting PirateGPT with sample data and our JSON schema, new information is generated on the fly.

Prompting PirateGPT describing the mood and loot scale we use on a ship, as well as factors which influence a pirate becoming grumpier and grumpier, or happier – we get authentic sample data to illustrate the day to day operation and workings on a pirate ship.

Stable Diffusion

Running in a local data center in Oslo city center our large image model is ready to respond and iterate out the most amazing pirate shots (most imagery delivered by the bastards is auto image generated based on prompting).

Send in a good prompt and you get something back

Send in an image and prompt and they are fused together into something novel

Send in an image and get it described

The mutiny data model 

Creating a model to prevent pirates from starting a mutiny requires a model based on pirate infrastructure and processes. 

Functional requirements 

A captain needs to know how close the crew or an individual priate is to start a mutiny.  

In case a captain has a fleet of ships the model handles seceral ships. The ship has a name but most importantly a loot. The loot provides for food, maintenance, drinks and adult entertainment. Low loot results in sinking moral and a drop in mood amongst the pirates. 

For a pirate a image is important. You want to look good on the most wanted pictures, and off course create fear amongst enemies and potential victims of a raid. For the captain the knowledge of their mood is important, and their chance for coordinating a mutiny. 

Calculating Mutiny score 

Based on these basic facts the mutiny score can be calculated. When the ships loot is high the captain can provide for the crew and reduce the chance of a mutiny. But the lower the loot the mood will sink. 

The Mutiny score is regularly updated while the loot is reduced. Monitoring the mutiny score the captain is able to plan when a new attack is to be conducted. 

Captains Black book

The Captains Black Book is a model driven app that allow for some quick and easy administration of ships, pirates and insights into the Mutiny Scores.

Wavy Seas

The captain is a very visual person and wanted an easy way to get a feeling if the crew is happy or not. The report can be filtered from the top right corner and select the ship to see data for. The boat is a picture of the actual ship for easy recognition and link to the real world.

The blue line at the bottom, looking like water, is actually a line diagram showing the mutiny score over time. If the score is high the Captain will see a rise in sea level, and if it’s low the sea level will be low.

If the score is consistently low the water will be nice and calm, but if the score varies because of unsteady mood in the crew the water will have big waves. If the score is consistently high the boat will look like it’s going under.

Captain’s log

Every captain needs to have resources available at the fingertips. A nice React native app has quick options to check what’s going on at the ship, and also a useful feature to find the real person behind a pirate – reverse imagery of the capture a pirate app. Repo at:

Meet Capt’n Clawdius

The ships cat rolls around the best it can, but with flat batteries and Marius Bluetooth to hold his hands, the sensors are not of much use. We think the ship be rat infested prreeeeettty soon!

What we never got around to

The team set out on the quest to create a model for optimal distribution of loot across the crew. We were able to visualize the mood of the crew with the Power BI report, but it doesn’t show the captain how to distribute loot to maintain a low mutiny score. The team simply didn’t prioritise this task because they had too much fun creating the Capture Pirate app and the PirateGPT image generation.

The team members have very different backgrounds going into this quest;

The Captain had some experience creating apps before, and was also responsible for making the graphics and keeping the other team mates in check and on task.

The First Mate is a veteran and has a lifetime of experience in technology – but in the face of endless new possibilities through AI and completely new tools in hand, even the most senior of us will feel the heat of a steep learning curve.

The Boatswain is a rouge sailor that has been in the game for a long time. He suddenly went into his own bouble half-way through the quest never to be seen again. When the quest was done the rest of the team found bits and pieces he had created that magically fit into the rest of the solution as a whole.

The Powder Monkey new technology well, but had never seen these new and shiny tools before in his life. With an impressive patience and “tech me everything” attitude he got promoted from Cabin Boy to Powder Monkey in only three days!

Collectively the team learned a lot. The novice got started, found his way, got amazed and most importantly learned how to learn! The veteran adopted new tools and created the magic dust that makes the whole solution the wonder that it is.

Even though the team didn’t get as far as they wanted to go during the quest they followed their instincts and recognised that it’s the journey that matters the most, not the destination. The Captain did well in creating a great vision that inspired the team and make them pull in the same direction. Somewhere down the line the captain decided that it was far more important to learn new skills and try out new things then to get to the finishline. What was built was a great foundation that can be built upon and enhanced over time.

Most extreme business value

The solution the team created is abviously HR’s wet dream in terms of onboarding, monitoring employer satisfaction and keeping track of the mood of your workforce.

Using this solution will equip the management team with the tools they need to keep up to date and be able to make changes where needed before empoyees leave the company.

Excellent user experience

Imagine this being a manager taking pictures of new employees. We all know that Gen Z are used to looking at themselves with prettifying filters. This way the old middle manager can take pictures of their new employees and let Open AI add the familiar filters so that when the Gen Z employee see their own new profile picture they will actually recognize themselves.

All good brands with some selfrespect has special fonts that is designed to give the user crafted associations. Never underestimate the effect of a good font.

We updated the brand guide based in feedback from our pirates and this is what the new logo looks like:

The color profile:

We asked AI to create a pirate color theme:

Here is a color palette that would work well for a pirate-themed app:

  1. Deep Sea Blue (#0E4A7E) – This shade of blue represents the vast ocean that pirates roamed and the mysterious depths that lay beneath its surface.
  2. Sun-kissed Gold (#FFC72C) – Gold is a symbol of pirate wealth and adventure, and this shade of gold has a warm and inviting feel, like the sun shining down on a pirate’s treasure trove.
  3. Rusty Red (#7B2E16) – This color represents the worn and weathered elements of pirate life, such as old ships and rusted treasure chests.
  4. Weathered Wood (#6F5F3E) – This color is a nod to the wooden deck of pirate ships and the rough-hewn timbers used to build pirate hideouts.
  5. Sandy Tan (#D7C3A3) – This color represents the sandy beaches where pirates buried their treasure and the warm, sun-drenched environment of the Caribbean.
  6. Stormy Gray (#5E5E5E) – This color represents the stormy seas that pirates often had to navigate and the treacherous conditions they faced on their journeys.

These colors work well together to create a cohesive and visually appealing palette that captures the essence of the pirate theme.

Killer app

The canvas app is an end to end solution that is working beautifully and can easilly be implemented as is in any company without much alterations. If taht’s not killer in three days, I don’t know what is.

Rock Solid Geekne

Connecting to our PirateGPT and picture manipulation, connecting to sensors and robots shows how our solution makes use of technology and we use geekness to find creative solutions. The use of hacks and trying to teach new crewmates how to provide help during extreme conditions lifts the whole team.  

The future

If the team had more time they would try to evolve this solution further. these are some of the ideas:

The tech crew has worked on possible solutions to provide the captain with intelligence in order to keep morale up. Here is a list from our backlog, but du to sea sickness not they are in the planning state.

Most Wanted

Constant monitoring of FBI most wanted API to check if we are listed and have to sail incognito.

Most valuable victims

Always keep track of where the loot is.

Drinks and adult entertainment

Where is the best and closest lesiure spots

Thank you for an amazing time!