Brand logo for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing

Brand colors to achieve a cohesive look

Power Pages with a Punch!

We have developed a portal that offers a seamless, user-friendly experience, complete with an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Pay attention to the brand colors, logo, and AI-generated images tailored specifically to match the context of the page.

PlumbAdmin Unplugged: Where Pipes Meet Punchlines!

The design of the internal UI is as vital as a perfect tomato sauce – it boosts the user experience, makes work efficient like a well-oiled machine, and cuts down the learning curve, making everything as smooth as a gondola ride! Capisce?

Super Mario

The theme in the model driven app “PlumbAdmin” is set to our brand colors and our logo is added to the header.

The menu items are named with brand lingo and engaging emojis.

The Dashboard “Coin Generator” gives Mario and Luigi the best overlook of key business data
The Contact form gives a good overview of contact information, achieved certifications and the contact’s assets
PlumbQuests forms has a custom business process flow and Quick View Form showing the assigned plumber’s contact information and certifications.

The Devil is in the Details

Custom favicon

Luigi’s profile picture in PlumBot and his italian sassy accent gives an extra touch

You can open your personalized diploma in wide screen:

We claim the badge Glossy Pixels because our designs not only shine with clarity and vibrancy, but also bring every pixel to life with a touch of sophistication and engaging visuals.

We strive to achieve high scores in the excellent user experience category because our platform is meticulously crafted to be intuitive, responsive, and tailored to meet internal AND external user needs, ensuring a seamless and satisfying interaction at every touchpoint.

We aim to showcase our skill in the Killer AI category, highlighting our use of customized AI-generated images tailored specifically for the websites page’s context.

Moreover, our approach goes beyond just having a chatbot. We’ve intricately designed it to embody the spirited personality of Luigi, complete with charming Italian sass. Offering users a dynamic and personalized interaction experience