Bowser Quiz

With this blog post we aim for the Go With The Flow, The Existential Risk, Mario badge and Plug N’ Play.

  • The Mario Badge for the gamification of Copilot.
  • The go with the Flow and Existensal Risk, because the use of Prompts with CHAT. One prompt to check if answers are correct or not The other prompt tells if the answer is Correct or Incorrect and will use this to send an action to power automate to populate a dataverse table.
  • The plug N´play for the use of prompt plugins in copilot.

Video of the in progress solution:

Opening the admin center at

Enabled Copilot for the Environment:

The Copilot component is ON in Canvas App:


Found a website with Mario facts:
Also uploaded a PDF with mario facts.

Conversation start

Conversation end or start again

  • Tested Generative AI inside the copilot studio, got answers, but could not check the answers with generative AI, it was good to give the answers, but not good to check if the answers is correct.
  • Made a power automate flow that generates a text with AI builder. – But it had limitations, it stopped with that you had to have an approval of text before i could process it.

So the next step i did was to try the new Prompts in Copilot studio: (It took many iterations of the prompt to make the copilot say if it was correct or incorrect).

Started making the Quiz topic that is the “game”, to test if it would work like i thought:

It works


Send correct answer to dataverse table to score a point:

Add the Copilot(chatbot) control to the canvas app:

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  1. Two of out four is a good return, show more on business value for Plug N’Play, and more polish and fun for the game where the plugin is used for Mario badge.

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