Stop at nothing to get certified, the bravest might face the wrath of JV Kong

What’s better than testing your skills in the field? Handson experience to get certified? Thats User experiance at its peak!

With our Plumber Power-Up certification program you could go far!

Simply log on to our websit, grab your controller and GO.
Here’s a tour on what to expect.

On the startscreen you can pick what Certification you want to take, PL-200, PL-400 or the prestigious PL-600.

In the PL-200 test you must use all your skills to bandaid the broken pipe

In PL-400 you get to explore the world, through advanced sidescolling and jumping at you fingertips

In PL-600 you will have to accumulate all your previous skills to face the Chief of security himself, JV Kong, be ware, because he get very angry if you hit his ghost pet.
Be sure to turn up the volume for this one!

Whats even nicer is that you certifications is automaticly generated and posted to your certification profile, directly after completing the cert!

On the technical side there is quite a few variables, timers and images

Conciderations for the categories:

Exellent user experience:
What is more user friendly than playing games on an old (fake) CRT TV with a controller, It both feels and look fantastic, makes you all warm and fussy inside!

Most extreme business Value:
Get certified and join the ranks of other Plumbers (whos subcribed) to or fine service, get recognized by customers through the Certification portal and get jobs based on your merits!

Pandoras Box:
Hard on the gaming experiance trying to replicate some of the old characterisitcs of the good old days.
Solving scrolling levels, collision detection on bosses and triggering automated flow on completion. all by using gamepad as primary input.

we generate your own personal certificate using Dalle3, to show off!