Power Use Love

Canvas apps are probably the greatest example of how Low Code and Pro Code can come together. In many cases you never really need to to any code, but when creating a game, you definitely need to tap into the developer logic.

If anyone disagrees on code vs NoCode, both Donkey Kong and Nick will smash something 🙂

3 thoughts on “Power Use Love

  1. Don’t smash anything expensive, please 🙂

    PS! Microsoft Power Fx is the low-code programming language introduced within the Power Platform.

    • Keyword CODE;) Code is code.
      No Code is model driven apps. No code is Canvas apps until you want it to actually do something.
      If real code is compile vs non compile.. That is a better question 😉

      • Let’s agree to disagree on the semantics of “low-code” and “pro-code” 🙂

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