Evidi PirateBays – Final delivery – PiRisk

We present to you… PiRisk

Your one stop shop solution for the risk averse, frugal and greedy, yet battlescared pirate!


The main goal of the solution is to provide a pirate captain with the optimal booties to hit at each given time, based on a plethora of information.

Solution parts

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard is a PowerBI dashboard with a connection to the Dataverse that our Dynamics 365 uses.

The PowerBI dashboard provides

  • Aggregated view of custom areas (areas can span both land and sea)
  • Indication of “profitability” of each area based on indexes
  • Indexes include
  • Booty index
    • Battle index
    • Efficiency index

      Further description of the dashboard lies here


Simulations are run in Dynamics 365

We have a PiRisk App that allows you to access and manipulate the solution, run simulations etc.

Index theory

The indexes are weighted against each other. The weight is based on an original value and is constantly updated by PiRisk AI based on results from simulations and actual PiRaids. Adding new indexes in perpituity is thus supported allowing for continually improving results moving forward

Index based GTO

Methodology for indexes is drawn from GTO for AI advancements of Poker to achieve human parity (spoiler alert… we have passed that point already 🙂


  • Booty Index
    • Booty Index is based on the calculated and weighted value of

Due dilligence and QA on our development environment. By mistake it was set up in North-America. We didn’t realize in time that this was an issue. By the time we did, we had used so much time in