Full solution from PowerShredders of Axdata

We came into this Hackaton with the idea that we could make the Onboarding process a lot less manual, a lot more secure and reduce the risk of human errors in the process significantly. And we’ll be honest, we are extreamly happy with the solution we now are traveling home with! The best thing you ask? It works like a sharm, every bit of it! We have tested it several times, and everything flows exactly as described!
You can see the full solution under here, but we’ll start with a summary of why we think we should get a lot of points in the four different main categories:

Excellent User Experience:

Lets start with the help this will give to the employees already working in the company:
– HR now will have a veary streamlined process for Onboarding, where all tasks that can (and should be) automated are just that. They don’ need to spend time sending out agreements, follow up with signature, enter a lot of information regarding the new employee in the system, follow up on other employees that forgets the tasks they have in an Onboarding. They don’t need to notify IT about a new employee coming it and wait for creation of user and access to systems. All of this happens automatically. Nothing is forgotten, no sensitive information is sent in emails or seen by someone who shouldn’t see it.
– IT never needs to think about a new employee coming in anymore. Everything is automated and just happens. Isn’t that the best user experience? When you actually don’t have to do even one click, and the process still works?
– Other employees in the company having tasks regarding a new employee coming in will be reminded of their tasks and make sure nothing is forgotten. Automated and nice. And, if they complete their task, no notifcation will be sent, it really is as easy as it sounds

And then, to the candidate starting. If the company implements this solution, everything will be ready for the new employee when he has his firsgt day of work. He can even get information about the company, his team, his manager and more in the Onboarding Portal before he starts, so we can keep up the good energy people feel when they are about to start working at a new company. The new employee will also feel that this company really takes care of their employees, and that they really are up to date in the digital world we’re living in.

Most Extreme Business Value:

The value for companies here are so high, that it’s almost difficult to know where to start. But, first of all, this saves a lot of time for the HR department. And, we really mean A LOT of time. Not just that everything is automated so they don’t need to do as much as they have to now to register a new employee, but they don’t have to push and follow up everyone else that hasn’t done their part and they don’t have to correct human errors that’s been done during the process. They can spend their time on something that is much more valuable to the company, and that is to make sure that all the employees already working here gets the best environment possible to do their job as best as they can! Lets face it, this is what we want the HR department to do, we don’t want them to spend time on entering data into a system.
The IT department will also save a lot of time witht this solution, that they can spend on other things as well. Not that I work in our IT department, but I assume that creating users and assigning licenses and access aren’t the most fun task they do at work. So I would think this will actually make their workday more fun!
Let’s just do an approxemently calculation of time saved. Create a contract for the new employee, upload it for e-signature, send it for signing, recieve it, ask the employee for more information so that it can manually be put into the system. Let’s say this totally takes 5 hours at best. Then someone needs to tell IT to create user and access and make sure that it have been done, a total of 1 hours. Then someone needs to follow up other employees, to make sure everything is done and ready for the new employee. This is maybe the most time consuxming, and I don’t think it’s wrong to say that this takes at best 8 hours in total during the time between someone signs and their first day of work. This means that time saved for just this one onboarding process is at least 14 hours. One of our customers typically hires between 10 and 20 employees every month, and this means that this solution will save them between 140 and 280 hours. Each month! To have an other example, an other customer of ours plans to hire 1.500 employees by the end of 2023… You do the math here!

Rock Solid Geeknes:

There are so many partws in this solution that works perfectly together, we almost can’t believe that we actually made this work as good as it does now. We seriously din’t think that we would be able to automate that many parts of the process as we have done now.

Killer App:

We have created this as a total solution, so that everything can be uploaded and used by all companies using Dynamics FO og Dynamics HR. With only a little personalization to make the wording, logo etc. fit the different companies, this can be set up quite fast. And, of course, each part can be implemented by it’s self too, if someone don’t want the whole solution. But, we know that this will be an easy solution to sell to our customers, as we know that a lot of them already really wants this!

The solution:

And now, finally, let’s go to the solution. You have been through a recruitment process in your company, and you have picked a really awesome candidate you want to send an offer to. This is what you do:

1: Create the candidate in Dynamics, and fill name, startdate, email address and phone number, and connect him to the position:

Like magic, the candidate resieves an email to view, update and sign the agreement. The Agreement is automatically filled with data from Dynamics before it’s sent out for signing, done through an API we created with OneFlow right here at this Hackaton:

The candidagte fills in the National ID number, and signs the Agreement using Bank-ID:

3: Agreement is signed by the company as well:

4: You Hire the candidate in Dynamics with two clicks, and assign the onboarding checklist that should be used for this canidate, and ticks the checkbox to create a user in Azure AD for the new employee:

This triggers a PowerAutomate that first create a work email for the new emplyee, sets this new email as the primary email address on the Employee workspace in Dynamics and creates the Azure AD user for the new employee and assigns group and licenses to it, and ends with sending the login detail to the employee with SMS, together with the link to the Onboardig Portal:

And, of course we have created a PowerAutomate that will remind the employees in your company about the tasks they are assigned regarding the onboarding of the new employee if they don’t follow it up by themself:

Now, the employee can log in to the Onboarding Portal (that works on all devices), and enter in more information about himself. When submitted, the data is automatically updated directly in Dataverse, and then becomes visiable in Dynamics within seconds:

And, last, but absolutely not least, the night before the new employee has his firs day of work, a PowerAutomate runs and imports the user to Dynamics, connects the user to the correct employee in Dynamics, and assigns the security role Employee to the user so that the new employee has accsess to the Employee Self-Service workspace in Dynamics:

And, to end it all for now, we have automated the process for email signature, so that is is automatically put on every one of the emails you send out. Now they finally will lokk the same for the whole company:

The signature itself is created with HTML-code, after a rule is created in Exchange

Of course, no problem, we got your back!

When we, three NoCode/LowCode people register for a Hackaton, we kind of figured out that maybe writing code wasn’t the way to help other teams. But, that doesn’t stop us, we’ll help you out in any way we can! And, when someone needs something cut with scissors, we’re there! It’s our pleasure, and the sign looks amazing!

And of course, enjoy a cold coke while you see us working hard to acchive what you need <3

Really, why not, when it gives such a higher user experience!

And now it’s time to show the first of our really good user experience features in the solution. To be honest, if you told a HR person today that he could do two clicks in his HR system and type the agreed salary (or proposed salary, of course this can be changed during the signing process, I mean, why shouldn’t that be possible in 2022?), and right away send an Employemnt Agreement to the candidate they’ve decided to hire? We know that the HR department at our company now will want us to implement this app as soon as we’re back at the office on Monday (yep, I know you’re reading this Christian, we’ll talk on Monday reguarding the expence claim from the bar). But, to get to the point. We’ve created an app, and published it in the Personnel Management workspace in D365 HR, and if you click the tab to open the app embedded in the workspace, you get to choose the canidate you want to sent an Employment Agreement to for signing and just do it:

Click the tab for the app
The app opens, edit what you want, and send the Agreement to the candidate for e-signature through the 3rd party solution OneFlow to be signed with Bank-ID

Update after request from judges, and new badge claim!

Since we didn’t show enoug last time when trying to clam the Retro badge, here we go again! Here we will show how we used paint to create the sause for the Pizza in the Head 2 Head challenge. But, paint wasn’t enoug, so we had to use Power Point as well. Had to make the transparent background in Power Point, as it’s not possible in Paint. We think that all graphic designers would either shoot themself or turn around in their grave if they knew we did this to make a red round object with a transparent background. So, if this is not a dirty hack, then how would you explain why not to the graphic designer that’s about to …… Yeah, you know…

Party party, yes yes!

Well, let’s all agree on something, this is a good old fasion LAN for us adolt nerds. And we love it! But, for us, it wouldn’t be a LAN without some good 90s music! That’s why we wanted to share this mood with you all Friday night! And yes, we saw both hands in the air, heads nodding a little bit more than normal to the beat, and legs mysteriously move to the music. Thank you all, we love being here and hope you enjoyed it (we know Ulrikke did)! <3
And, since we got several request fro the playlist link, here it is (yes, it’s called Ƙyvind 30 Ć„r, it was the playlist for that birthday):

Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft <3

Let’s face it, we all love Microsft (and yes, sometime hates Microsoft, but any type of feeling is a lot better than no feelings!). We use Microsoft technology every day, and of course we use a lot of this in our solution. Let’s go for the one first. Using Power Automate to use data input in Dynamics 365 HR to create a user in Azure AD (I know, you’ve seen this before in a previous post, but it might be easier for you to see everything in one post than for us to reffer to other posts):

Then, why should you leave it up to every employee to create their email signature? Don’t worry, we’ll solve it for you. We’ve created a solution that attach a signature on all outgoing emails that have our company name in Azure AD, configured in the Exchange setup in office365 with data from Azure AD:

Create a disclaimer as a flow rule in Exchange
Applied to senders that are employed in our company, AxShredder Inc
The signature itself is created with HTML-code
And this is how it will be, without data added
And with data added

And then, the night before a new employee starts at our company, have a Power Automate that imports the user in to Dynamics so that the user can log in to the system. Also, connect the user to the correct worker so that it can access the Employee Self-Service to see and edit data regarding himself:

Paint is so 1990, or is it?

Before we came to ACDC, who would have thought we ever would create a pizza creation app? But, here we go! Simplicity and speed was the important thing in order to be the first team to solve this task. The most timeconsuming task was to get hold of some images for the solution. And what better way of creating pizza sause than using the good and old bucket in MS Paint? Just close youre eyes, think about all the hours you spent playing around in Paint to create something beautiful you printed and gave to your sweetheart in the 5th grade! Oh, the memories!

Awesome title regarding PowerShredders of Axdatas work so far

We’ve now been sitting here for, well, let’s just say, for some time, and this is what we’ve done so far (and a little reminder of what we want to end up with) within the different categories (nice and orgenized for your pleasure):

Excelent user experience:

As our total solution is planned to make the Onboarding process a lot easier, streamlined and reduce the possibility of errors down to a minimum for companies, and at the same time make it a lot more exciting for new employees in the time between the signing of the agremment and the first day of work in the new job, this will not only be excelent user experience from the tech side but also from the personal side in the process!

So far in this hackaton, we have made it easier for both the HR department and the IT department to make everything ready for the new employee coming in. Now the two departments doesn’t even have to talk to each other to create a Azure AD user for the new employee, give the licences the employee needs and give the user acces to the systems it needs. Our Power Automate handles all of this! And, it even connects the AAD user to the correct worker in Dynamics and assigns it the Employee security role!

But, before the new employee even starts, why should it be difficult to send an Employemnt Agreement? Shouldn’t HR be able to do that from the same HR system they use evfery day? We say yes, and that’s why we’ve today integrated Dynamics 365 HR with OneFLow, so that you can send an Employement Argeement directly from D365 HR to the new employee, ready for signing, with information about the candidate entered into D365 HR! We are now creating the app for this, and the app will be embedded in the HR system. And, just to be very GDPR friendly, we do not ask the new employee for the National ID number in an email or something, the Employee writes this directly in the contract to sign, so that we can pick it up and automatically enter that information to D365 HR as well, without anyone needing to see it (work in progress, see also earlier post tagged with Right Now):

Most extreme business value

It almost sounds too cocky, but how is this solution not an extreme business value? It takes away a lot of manual work done today, and it is also a lot more GDPR friendly as sensitive information don’t need to be sent around by email. Tomorrow, we will also create a PowerApps Portal, where the new employee will get a lot of information about the company before it starts, and this is also the place where the new employee will fill out a lot of information about himself, and this information will automatically be imported to Datavers and to D365 HR, without anyone needing to see the information on the way!
But, for now, we have the Power Automate that at least gives all current employees the notifications they shoukld recieve reguarding the tasks they need to perform in the process. This makes sure that nothing is forgotten, and the new employee will haver an amazing onboarding and start in the company:

Rock solid Geekness

With every technoligy and tools that we are using here, we use it to make the workday and the world a better place for botjh HR department, IT department and the new employee that is starting! If that’s not the best use of tools and technology, then what is??

Killer app

Our total solution consists of so many different parts, and they will all work together beautifully! It’s amazing to see how much functionality you can combine in a solution, and have it ready to import to many different customers. With a little personalizations here and there, this solution can be used by any company in the world that uses Dynamics FO or Dynamics HR.

Together we get the best solutions!

We started this mornig with a call to a company called OneFlow. We have had some conversations with them before, and decided that we wanted to try to get something done together with them today. We wanted to bulid an API integration from Dynamics 365 HR to OneFlow, so that we can sen out Employment Agreements for digital signatures directly from Dynamics! If this is not a huge business value, then we don’t know what are!
This is what this we did together with them right here and now, and how it works:

Contract is generated in oneflow, and is sent to the company representative as well as the employee.

When the contract is signed electronically by both parties, power automate get a callback with information on which employee that has signed and we can tick off “contract signed” in HR and add an url link to the contract in oneflow.

The solution is set up to support Swedish BankID,

Danish NemID, Finnish BankID,

Norwegian BankID and advanced e-signature for other countries with e-mail/phone verification