It begins, level 1 for plumber certification done

New aspiring plumbers can now apply do get rank 1 certification through our certificatior app.
If completed a badge will be generated on SharePoint in the users own folder!

Go with the flow clairification:
Heres the code that runs the flow (second red line) to create a user folder in sharepoint with the corresponding badge.

First updating data verse from the cansvas app – then triggering the flow in context of the authenticated user
The actual Power Automate flow

Retro badge statement:
I mean, look at the apperal used…. nothing more retro than that!

Thieving, shameless…
Using unsigned gamepad hax code component to fire up the (retro) controllers, happenly stolen from John Lius Github: GitHub – johnnliu/gamepad (Thanks John)
In addition we have stole more than a few dozens of original super mario assest from the dark corners of the internet ( dont tell anyone)!

3 thoughts on “It begins, level 1 for plumber certification done

  1. Need a screenshot of the Flow to accept badge for Go With The Flow. Missing evidence for Retro and Theiving.

  2. Sorry for being strict but a modern USB keyboard looking retro is not really retro. Try software….. something like jQuery would be considered retro in 2024. I should have brought my re-pinned SNES pad to serial port, or even original XBOX control which was USB but required a re-pin plug to work 🙂

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