Maritime Mischief Manager (MMM) – A description

“MMM.. is the ultimate tool for pirate captains looking to maximize their raids. With our comprehensive system, you’ll be able to plan, organize, and execute the perfect plunder. No more manual logs, no more disorganized crew. Just a streamlined, efficient process for taking what you want from the high seas. Upgrade your pirate game today with Maritime Mischief Manager.”

Pirates are met with a friendly user interface where they can manage all aspects of pillaging.

Creating a Raid

Under the “New Raid” menu, pirates with the rank of Captain can take a look at possible raid prospects and get an overview of the best possible strategy and also an estimation of the loot potential in the selected location.

The results we are seeing above comes from a query against the ChatGPT API with the use of Power Automate.

Being satisified with the current target, the Captain selects the vessel for the raid, choose to create it and the raid enters planning mode.

Raid planning

From the raid list, piratescan view raids in the planning stage. Simple pirates can choose to join a raid if they want to, but Captains can also choose to invite his best men. Pirates receiving an invitation will have to accept/reject the invitation through their Teams account.

Once the pirate has received and accepted an invitation, they have to scan their provided RFID card when they board the ship. They will then enter the status of Checked in.

Once the RFID card is scanned at the ship, a HTTP request is sent to the raid check-in flow, the flow will update the crew status.

When the Captain is happy with his band of criminals, he chooses to start the raid. The app conveniently simulates the battle as well, together with some nifty battle music. This is of course to save the hassle of actually raiding a place.


The pirate management team of course also have access to beautiful numbers of the entire operation

Mates Upcoming Raid…

Eyyrr mates!!! 

Captain Black Bart, is planning a big raid, Oslo is the target and according to ChatGPT the loot potential is #awsome.

Invitation is sent to all chosen crewmates using top of the art “Power Automate flows”. 
Crewmates are free to Accept or Decline the raid invitation.   

When it’s time for the raid, we requires all crew members who have accepted the raid to check in, using their RFID card or phone. 

If the crewmate have accepted more than one raid, he/she can choose to check in using our Raid Planning App 

With the help of Midjourney AI,,  we generated the app design component by asking the AI to provide us witht the latest & greates piracy themes.  

The RFID data for all potential crewmates is stored in Azure AD using the “Postal Code” field, pretty “Nasty Hack” according to our “bosun”. 

This data is imported to Dataverse “AAD User” virtual table for our app. 

Let’s raid mates. 

Good morning from Dream Team

Arrr mateys! Good mornin’ to ye all!

The Dream Team is ready to set sail and tackle the day head on. We’ve got a bounty of tasks ahead of us and we’re not afraid to face any rough waters. With our swords at our sides and our compass pointing true, there’s nothin’ that can stop us from reaching our treasure trove of success.

So gather round ye landlubbers, and let’s hoist the Jolly Roger! It’s time to set sail and make the most of this fine day. We’ve got adventures to embark on, battles to be won, and treasures to be found.

And remember, always keep a weather eye open, a steady hand on the wheel, and a heart full of courage. For we are the Dream Team, and together, we’ll conquer the seven seas!

Yarr! Let’s make today a great one, mateys!

Raid reporting!

The management team of every pirate organization with a measure of self-respect desires comprehensive reporting of all their operations, including both the positive and negative aspects. This can be achieved by utilizing PowerBI connected directly to the Dataverse behind the Raid Management System. By doing this, the management team will have access to all the data they need to effectively evaluate their operations and make informed decisions. The report provides real-time data visualization, making it easier for the Captains to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. Thus enabling them to make data-driven decisions and improve their overall operations.

Backup report link in case the iFrame doesn’t work 😅

Early delivery – DreamTeam

Pirates can now plan their raids with ease using our Raid Planning App. The solution includes features such as planning what city to raid, casualty reports, and resource planning. With an intuitive user interface, all of these tasks can be completed quickly and easily whether you are part of the ship management or the crew. ​

As a captain we provides you the ability to customize the app to fit your exact needs. The crew can set up automated notifications and reminders to ensure that all tasks are completed on time. This will make sure your next raid will be a successful one.​

Early mockups of the app, generated by midjourney