Get a Personal plumber, all fully automated with AI

How do we give you the help you need in such speed, you may ask!
It’s because we leverage the AI Builder to assign you a plumber based on your incident description.
It will automaticly do sentiment analysis on your topic to give you the right guy/gal, as well as translating the description to Italian, to make life easier for our plumbing friends!

How does it work?

First you create a incident through our PlumbQuest website

This will create a case that runs through a Power Automate flow to set all described above.

First we check if a new case is created and then we run 2 AI Builder jobs, Translate language and Sentiment analysis.

Then we split then we assign you a plumber based on the severity of the situation!
WIth a properly certified plumber!

As you can see the case is updated with the information directly, and showing the assigned plumbers info and certifications.