Using AI to create a game

AI has been core to the development of our game in several ways. Almost all graphics has been generated by an AI, the story has largely been influenced by an AI and, an AI is a key component that you can talk to within the game itself!

Story and media

Both the story and media assets within the game has been created using custom GPTs from OpenAI. has proven itself to be able to create imagery with a remarkable consistent look and feel based on our prompts, and has been a great sparring partner in the development of the story

The village butler

Meet the village butler, a core character in our game. He is omnipresent on your adventure and is always ready to answer any questions our adventurers may have.

The butler lives as a custom prompt in Copilot studio, and gets his personality there. In addition we feed him with context aware information based on where the adventurer is in the game together with every prompt he is sent, in this way adventurers can probe him for possible game clues or sometimes straight up answers to the clues.

Also, our guy knows who Botten Anna is, if that isn’t existential risk, we don’t know what is!