Bombs away hipsters!

Our customers in our pizza store seem to be bored, we have expanded our ordering-app in order to make their time fly and stuffed it with some fun and exciting features.

The first feature will display a fun fact about pizza’s and its history.
The second feature will introduce the whole staff in a slide show. Greetings ninjas!
The third feature will save the customer from the time-consuming task of having to read through the menu and choose that special pizza from the menu, let us decide!
The fourth feature let’s our ninja customers give suggestions on what we should put on the menu next, this will ensure the curious ones to return to see if their pizza has made it to the menu.
Last but not least, the customers coming in with a TMNT mask or outfit will be given a healthy discount! (made possible through AI Builder and a custom model).


Hipsters rule the world!

For å skape en bedre applikasjon og en bedre brukeropplevelse har vi utviklet en SPA applikasjon med React og .NET Core 6. Applikasjonen lister ut matvarer som ikke er registret i kjøleskapet. Applikasjonen benytter Node.js og Bootstrap som er open source.
Bootstrap er benyttet for å skape en bedre brukeropplevelse for de gir bruker mulighet til å markere det de har handlet.
Backend gjør spørring mot Microsoft Dataverse og lister ut matvarer som mangler i en handleliste.

C# .NET Core 6

Hipsters dreamworld

We are making some improvements in the solution with the help of 2 technologies that we think might be considered for he Hipsters badge. They are:

  1. Azure IoT central V3 (Preview) connector: This allows us to send commands back to the devices from IoT central. Perfect for the business flow.
  1. Metamask plugin for login: We are working in a solution for end users where they can log in to a page and see real time data flowing into graphs and maps. One of the possible ways to login is by using Metamask as a Web 3 platform to login to an hypothetical blockchain that could work as decentralized data repository for members of ZOOs. (read more here: This feature is in an experimental phase, but the POC is working good.

Happy coding!

Preview <3

Since the tenant for our Demo environment is located in USA, we do get accsess to some functionality that is not yet available here at this side of the ocean.
Therefore, for us how embrace the LowCode/NoCode functionality, we just love the way you can write what you want to do directly in the PowerApp with AI-powered assistance, and the suggestion for the code that should be used pops up right under it!

Portal as Progressive WebApp

“Enable your portal as a Progressive WebApp (PWA)” is a preview feature that will go GA in February 2022. This is pretty hipster.

When Portal is enabled as a PWA it can be published to Google Play and Microsoft Store and be used as a native app on mobile devices

Enabling the portal as a progressive webapp means that users will experience it as a mobile app on their phone. It can also be packaged and uploaded to Microsoft Store and Android Google Play.

We want the end user to have a mobile app on their phone where they can see what kind of agreement they currently have, look at reports on their agreement history and see forecast on what their price will be in the future.

Enabling PWA

Microsoft documentation here:


Identity the portal and click the element menu. Click “Edit”

This will open up Power Apps Portals Design Studio.

When it has worked a little while it’s good to go.

So “preview” that it doesn’t work..

We wanted to upload the app to Microsoft Store and Google Play so users can have it as a native app on their mobile device. This is proving difficult, and it’s apparent when working in the PWA Builder that things are not quite ready..

Virtuelt museum

Munchmuseet har gleden av å introdusere vårt nye virtuelle museum. Her har vi inngått avtale med andre museer verden rundt for å kunne vise kunstverk fra deres utstilling.

På forsiden av appen finner man Virtual Tours, som tar deg til det virtuelle museet.

Trykker man på Virtual tours vil man komme inn i det virtuelle museumet. Dette gjør det mulig å opprette et samarbeid mellom ulike museer der man kan vise kunst fra andre museumer. Det gjør det også mulig for museumet å ha en inntektskilde selv om samfunnet skulle bli stengt ned igjen.

I dette rommet kan man se at det er satt ute i naturen, noe som ikke ville vært mulig i virkeligheten, ettersom maleriene ikke tåler vind og vær så godt. Her kan man også høre fuglekvitter og bølge lyder.

Muligheten for mange ulike og veldig spesialiserte utstillinger har åpnet seg. I den virkelige verden er man begrenset av plass og område + lokasjon. Med virtuelle utstillinger kan man spesialisere lyd og område, samt plassering av kunstverkene som kan skape en ny type museumopplevelse. Maleri i taket, i en mørk kjeller, i naturen? Hva med forskjellige rom med begge deler. kan åpne opp for ulikt publikum på samme tid. På den måten kan man virkelig tilpasse omgivelsene til å få frem kunsten.

Dette gir oss også mulighet til å stille ut NFT som kunstverk, noe som er i vinden i dag. Muligheten til å vise frem digital kunst som det blir produsert mer og mer av i dagens samfunn.

Det er også mulig å bruke med VR briller, kan gjøre det enda mer gøy å gå på virtuelt museum. Kanskje fremtiden vil bringe VR-briller til biblioteker og kulturhus så musumsturen kan bli en enda mer unik opplevelse for flere.

SharePoint is still fun!

Mobile first! We make sure that our SharePoint site remains responsive, and that our own SPFx web part follows responsiveness.

SPFx on the way

We have started our SPFx project to enable more than modern has out-of-the-box. We build this by using React/NodeJS with TypeScript. Repository for the SPFx can be seen here:

Plan for the SPFx web part

It’s using underlaying data for crimes reported (cases), with crime fighting ninjas (employees) taking on the villains (problems). It’s plan to make good overview of each of these resources and map these to geolocation on maps (plan to integrate google maps to the SPFx view – that should be fun).

And this should all be wrapped into a nice design and be responsive. Then build some Power Apps and Power BI around this again.

PowerPoint for design sketches is needed

Progressive web app – Submit your problem from any where

This is a form that you can report an issue from anywhere. Its responsive, works on both desktop and mobile screens.

It could be hosted any way. It is a progressive web app build with react, node.js

Citizens can report the issue by specifing title, description, take a photo of what the see and tag a location to help the turtles resolving the issue faster.

Desktop screen
Mobile screen
What is the issue with Sondre 🙂

We gonna contnuie build this to add administration functionalities and gather new batched. Update will come 🙂

Cutting Edge Double Whammy for MaMNT

When creating an app to fight crime and aid in emergencies, do you exclude every iOS user? Do you manually port your app and work hard to make the visual profile and functionality work in different operating systems?

Discriminating against user groups goes against the very essence of MaMNT’s platform, so of course we had no choice but to build the entire app in .NET MAUI! This cutting edge iteration of Xamarin is currently in preview, and allows cross-platform development of native apps. In short, it’s Microsoft’s newest and hippest cross-platform mobile tech.

The depiction of Maui in the film has been described as ‘half pig, half hippo’.
Hang on, wrong Maui. With a dash of humbleness he’d make a great addition to the turtle army, though!

Developing separate native apps for different operating systems? Forgeddaboudit!

The MAUI app communicates with the backend using gRPC, the coolest way to do APIs. Using gRPC, the app has a two-way connection to the server, which enables the server to push updates to the app. The gRPC server communicates with Dynamics using the new Dataverse ServiceClient for .NET 6, only available as preview.

It’s like a peanut butter and clam pizza; it may not work flawlessly immediately, but when it does you’ll never regret the time you spent acquiring the taste!

Peanut butter and clam pizza recipe, in case it piqued your interest

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