Our Plumber expert – not your physicist

Our PlumbBot is essential for helping our potential, and existing plumbers to solving plumbing issues, and needs to be highly trusted in the advice it gives. Therefore we’ve grounded it with Plumbing domain knowledge as well as limited AI generation with the trigger phrases. We’ve also provided a system prompt to make sure it answers within its limits:

Our instruction prompt to make sure our PlumbBot responds in a helpful, but not overwhelming way

How does this relate to the Hipster-badge?

With Copilot Studio, and launch of copilot in General, governance and content moderation is important on different dimensions:

  1. Unauthorized knowledge access – Users of the chat bot, if not secured or governed, might get access to proprietary data or PII which could be catastrophic.
  2. Misapplication of copilot to other domains – Grounded, domain specific copilots, or copilots in general, should be applied to domains or topics it does not have knowledge of or is able to provide reliable answer too
  3. Misleading, not-grounded or true responses – More generally, there should be high confidence in the answers of the chatbot to use it for customer-facing applications. It should also not be lead away with misleading prompts.

So most importantly of PlumbBot, by default, Copilot locks high content moderation to uploaded files as shown above. This makes sure the Copilot is grounded when prompted and will not answer to request out of its scope and knowledge domain. In addition to the trigger phrases, described in PlumbBot is your first line of defence against a clogged toilet!, we have high confidence that our PlumbBot will not alleviate from its goal of helping customers with their wet problems

PlumbBot will provide help outside of its domain, e.g. regarding medical advice

Know your limits – Get professional Help

More importantly, some issues are too difficult to handle yourself, especially if you have not gotten PL-600 (Stop at nothing to get certified, the bravest might face the wrath of JV Kong). Therefore, PlumbBot will helpfully suggest to the customer that it can instead create a PlumbQuest, redirecting the customer to the Request form to get in contact with price-aware plumbers better qualified to solve the issue.

When the issue might be too difficult for the customer, it can be redirected to the PlumbQuest site

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