KoopaKonstruct Manager on a Hip Thieving Mission with #ProCodeNoCodeUnite

Function calling to open AI

In the spirit of collaboration and efficiency, our project seamlessly integrates several third-party solutions to enhance its capabilities. At the forefront, we employ Hololenses, a #hip and mixed reality device that brings magic into our everyday lives.

#Thieving the great knowledge of OpenAI plays a vital role in our project, helping us define the materials needed to construct a table – and potentially bigger projects in the future. By tapping into OpenAI’s advanced AI capabilities, we empower our users to receive real-time insights and instructions, making the crafting process both intuitive and engaging.

Power Automate serves as the orchestrator behind the scenes, effortlessly connecting different components of our solution. From updating FinOps with material quantities to generating purchase orders and sales orders, Power Automate ensures a seamless flow of information.

As soon as the Hololens have detected the necessary materials and quantity, it triggers a flow in Power Automate:

The flow ships the information into FinOps to automatically generate purchase and sales orders to improve efficiency and to automate critical business processes.
Further on, the sales order information travels back to the Power Automate and sends a response to OpenAI:

Using Function calling to OpenAI in combination with Power Automate we intend to claim the #Power User Love badge along with #Hipster for extensial use of hip technology and #Thieving Bastards for stealing the awesomeness of OpenAI!

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  1. We love that you are calling out to Open AI for the Power User Love badge, but using Open AI is not thieving enough – how about using an open source library? Also, can you show us how you are using hip tech to enhance compliance and privacy?

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