GPT powered personal agent Clippy

We claim badges:

  • Client Side Salsa – for the react code for PCF control
  • Hipster – for using node.js for secure communication
  • Right now – for socket io for real time communication with the active users in Model driven app
  • Nasty Hacker – for incredibly awesome solution with dirty hack on the model driven side
  • Power User Love – for using socket io with Azure Function in low-code power apps


High Level Diagram 


All realtime communication is implemented via the that hosted on Azure

Project Update: Real-Time Communication and Enhanced User Interaction!

We’re excited to share the latest update on our project, featuring a significant enhancement in real-time communication capabilities. Now, administrators and backend integrations can seamlessly send messages to users who have opened specific records. This means that when there’s a change in the record status (e.g., case completion, modification), users will receive instant notifications prompting them to update their page for the latest changes. 

This feature not only streamlines communication but also serves as a handy tool for various onboarding processes. Additionally, it facilitates users in understanding what has changed post the deployment of a new release. 

Behind the scenes, we’ve implemented Clippy PCF, built upon the ClippyJs project, to empower this real-time communication. Leveraging the power of hosted on Azure, our solution ensures swift and efficient message delivery. 

Moreover, the backbone of the real-time communication lies in Azure Functions, written in Node.js. These functions diligently send out notifications to the instance hosted on Azure, creating a seamless and responsive user experience. 

Exciting times lie ahead as we continue to innovate and refine our project to meet the evolving needs of our users. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of our journey!

Business scenario

It supports real-time communication. So, Administrator or backend integration can send the message to the user that has opened the record. For instance: backend integration changed the status of the record (case has been completed, changed, etc..), all user that has opened record will receive the notification that they need to update the page to receive the lates changes.  

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  1. We love the use of clippy and but for the Hipster Badge, we would love to hear about how you are using hip tech for compliance and privacy.
    For the Nasty Hack badge, tell us more about those super nasty hacks!

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