Development is nothing if your not in control. We are of course using seperate environments, so that we are totally in control of development, testing and our players in production.

Pipelines using the Power Platform Builder Tools is the Key here. The Pipeline exports our solution from the Development Environment, Imports it into our UAT (User Acceptance) Environment, before an approval step decides if the solution is finally deployed to the Production Enviroment.

Total control – total awesomeness!

The images below shows the solution in production before a change and after a change. We decided to use the NPC “Butler” as a story teller through the game. So when you complete a room and go back to the Main Map – the Butler now provides you with some context and information thats important for your progress in the game.

Thanks for easy deployment!

– Final Delivery – Evidi Power Platform Plumbers

Pumbing as a Service (PLaas) – self sustaining model using the power of low code

No worries no more with SMBPlumbing! By subscribing to our service, castle connoisseurs and dungeon lords can take action into their own hands.

Sign up to become a member and access plumbastic features

Sign up in the portal get access to:

  • PlumbBot: Your quirky, AI-powered plumber-pal that helps you defeat those dastardly clogs!
  • PlumbGuiden: Dive into the bubbling forum of plumbing wisdom. Share a tip, snag a trick, or simply chat about all things pipe-related!
  • PlumbPowerUp & PlumbCertify: Turn pipe dreams into reality! Level up your plumbing skills and flush your way to side-hustle success.
  • PlumbQuest: When bots, guides, and power-ups can’t cut the clog, summon a PlumbQuest! Our certified plumbers to the rescue.

PlumbBot- chatbot and beoynd!

To have low OPEX and still provide accurate and helpful advice to our upcoming plumbers, we created PlumbBot. With our custom plumbing domain knowledge, we grounded the Copilot to only reply in the domain we are confident in – No medical advice lawsuits on us! More importantly, it provides step-by step instructions to resolve any plumbing issues asked by the user, in a natural Itallian, fiesty-style. More details for the instructions are provided through the references. To protect our IP, only authenticated members are allowed to use PlumbBot. It is also able to remember past chats in the case you loose connection or have to double check later on that you did every recommended step, in the right order!

However, not every plumber may solve every issue – a rupturing sewage pipe might need some more expertise. Luckily PlumbBot can redirect the member directly to our PlumbQuest page for requiring additional help.

Read more about PlumbBot here: Our Plumber expert – not your physicist


Unlock the secrets of the pipes with PlumberPowerUp, our portal’s out-of-the-box gamified adventure! Dive into three thrilling levels – each a gateway to your very own plumber certification.

Conquer Level 1 to snag the PL-200

Triumph in Level 2 for the PL-400

Master Level 3 to claim the coveted PL-600.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Armed with your certification, not only can you tackle your own pipe puzzles, but you’re also primed for a side hustle in solving PlumbQuests for others and generate some side-hustle coins.

PlumberPowerUp isn’t just a game – it’s your ticket to becoming a pipe-wrangling, leak-fixing, quest-conquering hero of the plumbing world!

All levels are described and showcased in this post: Stop at nothing to get certified, the bravest might face the wrath of JV Kong. But let’s have an honorable look at level 3. To get PL-600 you will have to accumulate all your previous skills to face the Chief of security himself, JV Kong.


With each victorious level, you’re are awarded with an AI-generated, uniquely-crafted diploma – a token of your newfound plumbing prowess!


Step into our lively forum, KvinnePlumberguiden! It’s a hub of handy exchanges between members and certified plumbers. From leaky faucets to the enigma of U-bends, no pipe problem is too big or small. Grab your virtual wrench, join in, and let’s unclog the world of plumbing together!


When your DIY plumbing turns into a ‘WHY did I try this?’ moment, it’s time to summon a certified plumber with a PlumbQuest!


When your electricity bills and interest rates start playing leapfrog, it’s your cue to dive into a PlumbQuest and earn some cash to keep them in check!

Skill-based routing

When creating PlumbQuest our super killer AI detector rates the severity and assigns the case to a plumber with the needed expertise. High severity will of course need the expertise of PL-600. Take a look in the following blog post to see more details: Get a Personal plumber, all fully automated with AI

In addition, because all plumbers are most likely Italian, we also make an Italian summary of the case using AI.

SMBPlumbing – the ultimate admin center!

A model-driven app so user-friendly, it’s like your admin center got a ‘For Dummies’ guide! Real data, nifty info, and a clear view of your organization’s game of hide-and-seek


Killer AI:

  • PlumbBot: Custom, grounded domain export ChatBot safely governed and highly accurate plumbing solutions for a large variety of plumbing issues. It is helpful for both unskilled plumbers, as well as more experienced, certified plumbers. Moreover, it gives you the warmth (and feistiness) of our beloved CEO and CTO, Mario and Luigi 
  • Language Mastery: Catering to our diverse members, PlumbBot seamlessly translates between English and Italian, ensuring clarity in plumbing lingo.
  • Intelligent Matchmaking: To properly address the criticality of the PlumbQuest, we use Generative AI through AI Builder to automatically infer the serverity degree. It then automates pairing with a suitably certified plumber, guaranteeing top-notch service and customer satisfaction.
  • Diploma Authenticity: Each certification diploma, uniquely generated and impossible to duplicate, is a symbol of our AI’s creative prowess. This feature underlines our pursuit of excellence in the Killer AI category, offering not just utility but also unmatched exclusivity.

Pandoras Box – Out of the box fun:

  • Mamma mia – Italian plumber: Everything is more fun, when interacting with an fiesty italians. This includes our PlumbBot, which gives authentic Mario-like phrases, while maintaining the profesionality. And overall in our solution
    Over all in our solution, is inspired by Plumbing terminology and
  • PlumberGuiden – A humorous, but important area for members to discuss all things Plumbing, with some topics suspiciously metaphoric-like to Kvinneguiden
  • Certification through Gamification: Our incredible Canvas app, scroller-platform Game allows for an enjoyable learning experience of plumbing tasks, while focusing on testing important plumbing skills to receive their PL(umbing) certifications. Exams are never fun, but this game is. With three different certifications and levels, including boss fighting, this is an amazing feat.
  • Diplomas: The uniquely designed certificate per user makes them stand out in the community. You never know what to expect!

Excellent user experience:

  • Cohesive Look – Our back-office and Customer portal has a cohesive look, with our colour scheme, page structure, font and illustration style
  • Best practice Customer Acquistion: Our landing page provides easy overview of the services SMBPLumbing offers, with intriguing call-to-actions and simple sign-up pages with call-to-actions and natural sign-up flow
  • Chat-based redirection: When the user requires more advanced expertise for the plumbing problem at hand, PlumbBot can redirect it to the PlumbQuest-page to reduce the effort of reaching out the our experts
  • Automatic PlumbQuest-enriching: Users may not know the severity or complexity of their PlumbQuest, so our AI-based automatic enriching providing severity and matchmaking, alleviates the burden of finding an appropriately priced plumber and complexity estimation.
  • Read more about the User experience here: Welcome to SMBPLUMBING

Business value:

  • Subscription model: For any access to our resources and services, a subscription is needed. This creates a steady revenue stream for our poor and tired Chief executives whom have been working hard around the world in so many castles.
  • Plumbing AI Assistant: Instead of relying on person-by-person expert knowledge which has high OPEX and does not scale, we leverage domain knowledge with GenAI to provide self-service tips and solutions to all of our members!
  • Certificates
  • Revenue sharing:  With the community driven model and automatic matchmaking, the networking effect drastically increases our growth potential and adds continuous value to our platform the more members we have. This makes it cost-effective for the clients, while enabling up-skilled, highly reviewed plumbers to receive higher margin PlumbQuests, without the customer acquisition cost associated with a self-employet plumber company. Our plattform fee also improves our cashflow, growing with the community

Glossy Pixels + Mario badge + Chameleon

Before the hackathon we used some hours doing research, which included doing use research. Sofie on our team had experienced that renovating a bathroom includes a lot of back and forth between plumber, carpenter, project manager and several other people. It took more time then it needed to, to finish the bathroom due to bad communication, jo flere kokker, jo mere søl/Too many cooks spoil the broth.

We talked to two amazing plumbers, first asking a random question:

They, and their colleagues wanted:
– A pipe planner for when they renovate a bathroom
– Supply list with which pipes and other equipment
– Pipe (hehe)line for all the workers including in building a bathroom

Sofie wanted:
– Certificate of completion automatically …

We hade several calls with them before and during the hackathon, they gave us invaluable information and insight, and they have evaluated our solution each day.

This is our user journey

And of course, here is the user journey translated to Super Mario (please zoome in)
user journey mario

Late last night, after a couple of beers we finally found the perfect name for our plumber solution! Say hello to Tubi! We made a logo we are happy with, short and sweet!

Using Microsoft UI components, with a dash of Super Mario sprinkles on top, the UI is done.

Since this blog isn’t the best medium to showcase the design, please check it out at Behance

Final Delivery – Logiq Mushrooms – Mushroom Kingdom Princess Support

When we got the word about this year’s theme, it made a lot of sense to implement a Customer Service system, where the skilled Mario technicians will process and resolve the requests that princesses raise, in their time of need.

This idea was realized by a team of very logical mushrooms.

Our Princess Support system is composed of below functional parts:

  • Mario Onboarding App – Technicians can get AI generated skills and backstory, as well as a cool avatar based on their photo.
  • Princess-facing Portal – Princesses can use simple and fun interface to raise their request, and monitor the progress, as well as the Mario that was assigned to their request.
  • Mario Admin Center – Request are automatically assigned to the appropriate Marios using AI and the system also distributes real-time notifications.

In the Princess Service Portal our Princesses can log their requests for the technical support. Technical support management starts from the magic app.

Killer- AI Mario Onboarding Center

In our Kingdom we manage Marios also, and we care a lot about them! That is why we have created a mobile application tailored for our Marios. Marios can utilize this app to craft their profile pages. Within the app, we employ ChatGPT vision, image generation, and text generation models. The vision model analyzes the actual image of the User.  We merge the vision models results with additional prompts based on user preferences to create a cartoon avatar of Mario. 

Furthermore, we leverage text generation to create a background story for the Mario. Users are given the option to choose themes for the story. Once the story is generated, the AI also evaluates and assigns a skill level by analyzing the content of the produced story. All ChatGPT requests are handled by power automate cloud flows. They retrieve parameters directly from canvas app and return results to app. Inside the flow, we adjust the prompts accordingly and send requests to API.

Princess Self-Service Portal

Princesses specify their personal info during registration and provide a short description of their hardship.

This information is tracked by our support team and administrators (Mushrooms). We are here to save our princesses! Once the request is created in the admin app, the most appropriate Mario is automatically assigned. Is is very Business Valuable for our company.

Once the case resolution is proposed, the princess can review and provide feedback.

Our mushrooms receive the real-time notifications of the new cases, with the severity and suggested actions. No way we can miss any serious princess request!

Behind the scenes, we’ve implemented Clippy PCF (React), built upon the ClippyJs project, to empower this real-time communication. Leveraging the power of hosted on Azure, our solution ensures swift and efficient message delivery. 

Moreover, the backbone of the real-time communication lies in Azure Functions, written in Node.js. These functions diligently send out notifications to the instance hosted on Azure.

You can find more technical details of this feature implementation in the following post. 

Mushroom Powered Dashboards: 

We created a Power BI report and embedded it into a Model Driven App. It’s the first page our managers see when they open the app. 

We enable the managers to stay informed about the system’s activities. They can view case and technician information and monitor the average time taken to resolve cases. 

Additionally, we have incorporated a Q/A section for managers seeking more specific information. 

In this section, we display the case resolution duration, allowing managers to track SLA/KPI metrics effectively. 

Another chart presents the average rating of cases alongside the technician who resolved them, highlighting the best employee of the month. 

We also display the number of cases received by severity and the average completion time of cases categorized by severity. 

Understanding a Princess (<?>_<?>)

To save time of administrators and help as much as possible our Princesses, we have implemented next solution.

Sometimes, princesses feel overwhelmed and are unsure of where to begin when facing technical issues. That’s where we come in with our AI assistance! All princesses need to do is submit a description of their problem, and we take care of the rest. 

Whenever a princess creates a support request, a Dynamics Plugin triggers. This plugin forwards the issue to ChatGPT with the following prompt: “Given the case description below, please rate its severity on a scale of 1 to 4, where 1 signifies a minor issue and 4 indicates a critical one.” 
The response from the OpenAI request is the severity level. Upon receiving this result, the plugin searches for Marios skilled enough to handle the specified severity level and assigns the case to one of them. The plugin also updates the case details accordingly. 

Killer- AI Princess Rumors

In addition to our bombing features, we have boosted our business and productivity, sales, marketing, and so on, by using Killer AI cutting-edge AI technologies!!

With the PowerPlatform and Azure connecting the Low and Pro code approaches together, we boost the performance of resolving the cases by using some insights from the Copilot. And here is how we do that:

  • When we get complicated cases when we need external consultancy and assistant – task is to find the suitable Marios-consultants according to the customer request, by searching the professionals on the Indeed, comparing their background and experience and finding the best matches. (to find the suitable Marios according to the request.) 
  • Simplify the KYC(Know Your Customer) process by using unified workspace for all operations.  From Indeed we can understand the company background,do semantic analysis of the comments to have insights on how technicians can approach customer (princess) (simplify the KYC(Know Your Customer) process by using unified workspace for all operations.) 
  • By analyzing current princess (customer) and her needs based on the Indeed. The data that we were able to retrieve contains open job postings, company in for, recent news and personal profile info. Based on this information, we can suggest more other services and provide information to sales and marketing departments. (analyze current princess and her needs based on the Indeed profile and suggest more other services.) 


Of course, we have done a lot of work hear to make the solution that awesome, so that is can’t be free! We are charging:

Team license 99eur / year /user 

  1. As a manager, you will have the opportunity to assign different avatars for different users with his own character and mood. 
  1. Dashboard with the overview of the progress regarding the plan of sales, etc. 
  1. Add your custom messages for motivation or another event. 
  1. Define the achievements/badges for the users 
  1. Personal teams notification using adaptive cards

Personal user subscription: only 2.99eur 

– Personal user dashboard with progress tracking, scores, badges

– User will have an option to disable the Clippy 3 times per week up to 2h per day 

– Send some kudos to the random teammate to earn more scores/badges. 

Personal plus subscripting: just 4.99eur 

– Add the ability to send kudos to specific person ones per two weeks on behalf of the Clippy. 

– Ability to send anonymous feedback to the manager every 3 month. 

******************All Stars to amazing Mushrooms!*************

Dear community, 

Our blogposts contain various kinds of information. Some of them are technical like POC, other one business scenarios. But also, some of them joke to highlight the thin fringe between technologies and common sense. 


We are humans.  

Unfortunately, there is no way to solve the issues using only a technical approach. 

Let us keep in mind that all our solutions are built for humans first and follow the common principles of development: Privacy focused approach that means to collect personal info as little as possible and save in correctly to prevent any data leaks.  

Donkey Kong Koders – Final Deliery

The aMAZE’eing adventures of Donkey Kong Introduction

In a world of 8-bit dominance and the never ending need for new challenges, the world needed a change. A change that would be invented by a plumber named Mario. His genius idea was to create a gaming platform that would evolve based on the users inputs PRE game, and dynamically create world maps, villans, and challenges. 

The idea was to create a game so infused with AI that it would be a platform that could be sold to gamers AND companies. If you simply needed to destroy some enemies, you would just prompt for a challenge, but if a COMPANY was seeking GAMIFICATION to do training, that would also be possible. 

Mario’s app wasn’t your typical training program. It didn’t cater solely to plumbers or princess-rescuers. No, it spanned across realms, tapping into the collective nostalgia of every pixelated hero, villain, and sidekick.

The Idea that sparked the team

“Toad,” Mario said one day, huddled in his workshop with Twilight Sparkle (unicorn from My Little Pony) and Han Solo (yes, the one and only smuggler from Star Wars). “We need a training solution that unites our universes. Something that prepares our heroes for any challenge—be it plumbing, magic, or intergalactic dogfights.”

“Listen up, team!” Mario declared, adjusting his red cap. “Each trainee encounters a villain. When they bump in to the villain, the chatbot pops out, asking them a question related to their training.

“And the answers?” Twilight Sparkle inquired, her horn glowing with curiosity.

“Ah, that’s where the magic happens,” Mario grinned. “The chatbot evaluates their responses. By changing asking open-ended questions the trainee will get deeper engagement, active learning and authentic assessment. The outcome will be better learning outcomes and meaningful skill development.

The trainees across realms played the game and the chatbot would exclaim “Congratulations! You’ve earned 100 experience points and a new skill tree unlocked! Now go save Equestria, restore peace to the galaxy, or rescue Princess Peach—your choice!”

And the multiverse thrived. Heroes swapped tips, villains grumbled about unfair questions, and sidekicks formed study groups. Even Darth Vader secretly took the quizzes (and aced them, though he’d never admit it).

The aMAZE’eing adventures of Donkey Kong APP first customer
Customer Challenge: 

Customer is a large global company with thousands of employees. Each year they have to complete several internal courses to be compliant within Health, Security and Diversity. Training was boring, and completion rates were so low that HR had to threaten users to complete. 


Mario and the rest of the team introduced training GAMIFICATION to make the training a fun experience. Not only would it be fun, but it challenged the users to prove that they actually understood the subjects by having AI validate their answers. 

By leveraging their dynamic AI platform, they were able to make a game into a training arena where they would answer questions connected to Health and Safety, Diversity and Compliance instead of having to kill the villain. When reaching the villain they would have to answer a question within a selected category and then AI would approve the answer. If successful they would move on to next level and gain Point for the High Score. 

How the app works:

The first thing to do is enter your playing style

Navigate to your challenge and find the AI generated question related to your topic in the initial game setup. Each question is uniquely generated and will be based on promts that the company define.

AI will evaluate your answer to see if you have understood the assignment and then give you the appropriate response

Excellent user Experience:

The entire gaming platform user experience is meant to be both easy and fun to use. The AI generated 2D pixel art brings us back to a time where games were simple and fun, and we had to use our imagination as we moved our heroes through deep dungeons, dark forests, or bouncing on puffy clouds.

Anyone should be able to start and run the app and not have to worry about complex instructions or awkward user interfaces. The user will use a chatbot to enter their parameters, which will be used to generate the map, characters, and genre of the game, as well as question types based on the type of corporate training required.

From there the user selects their favorite game hero (beautiful people) and then is presented with the adventure map, where they need to seek out a hero to find out their next question in corporate learning.

Once the hero meets the quizmaster, they must answer (in text!) the quizmasters question. For good corporate learning, no simple “yes” or “no” type answers or multiple choices, they need to provide a well thought out answer to continue, in a simple, easy to use interface.

Once they see the result “Accepted” or “Denied”, they can continue on or try again.

In summary, the amazing, retro-style interface is sure to be a hit with end users and consumers of the solution!

Pandora’s box:

The combination of game customization, AI, and player input is innovative. Letting imaginations run free: Each player’s unique game world reflects their choices. The app isn’t just about gaming—it’s about transforming how employees learn. By combining AI, gaming, learning,  personalization, and engagement, we’ve opened Pandora’s Box of training possibilities.

Building games on the Microsoft Power Platform and Power Apps in particular were definitely NOT what the original engineers had in mind! While there are other platforms for building games like Unity, Gadot, and others, using Power Apps allows us to access Pandora’s box of connectors and services (see what I did there?) to build a unique fusion of technology to deliver not only an entertaining app, but a robust corporate training system as well as tapping into the latest AI technology. This trying delivers on the legendary Microsoft xRM campaign “One platform, infinity possibilities”

The above PowerFX code then generates a completely rando track based on the user input. This was really pushing our limits of understanding what was possible in Power Apps Canvas

Killer AI:

We truly engaged in killer AI in multiple elements of our solution. From a pure gaming perspective, instead of designing prescribed maps and mazes, we utilized Open AI to generate for us not only the map of varying levels of difficulty, but game assets such as walls, floors and characters based on preferences of the end user. (Our starting prompts were Super Mario, Star Wars and My Little Pony, while other favorite genres can be added at any time.   We also made the prompting available for power users to adjust to create their own experiences.

AI backbone generating our game

Questions being asked and answered by AI

Admin possibilities to modify the prompts that the AI utilize. All prompts are dynamic and open for changes by admins

We didn’t stop just at using AI to generate our game assets, we tapped into AI to help build out our corporate curriculum based on important topics. The AI will create questions on topics incorporated into the game. The users answers are evaluated by the AI to see if the learner truly grasped the concepts and can answer the question, beyond picking from a multiple choice!

Our killer AI concepts provide not only fun, but important tools to enhance corporate training!

Most Extreme Business Value
The business value of the game is giving the business value by making learning fun for the employees. By letting the players immerse themselves in a personalized gaming experience. While also changing out the boring repeating multiple choice questions with open ended-questions. 

 The common type of training with multiple choice questions does not give the employees a true understanding, is an ineffective form of learning and gives no practical value.

Our game utilizes AI to generate dynamic questions, offering a unique learning experience for each player. Specifically designed for internal training on compliance and privacy, it presents diverse challenges related to industry regulations and protocols.

The chatbot can easily be given more topics or change topics which enables the customization for every different business. The prompts to Chat GPT can also easily be changed or added which gives the business the ability to expand and change  the training material to different

positions and roles in the organization

As players navigate the game, AI-generated questions ensure a constantly changing set of scenarios. This prevents memorization, encouraging a deeper understanding of compliance matters and promoting a more engaging training experience.

Our  App game is a tool that addresses the need for effective compliance training. It’s not about hype; it’s about enhancing internal learning through an interactive and adaptive approach. Join us in exploring a new way to make compliance training more engaging and effective.

Businesses that embrace innovative training gain: 

  • Employees equipped with practical knowledge.
  • Faster onboarding and upskilling.
  • Engaged employees stay longer.
  • Ready for industry shifts and challenges.

The app’s principles can be applied universally:

–          Customization: Every industry has unique training needs. Just as players choose their game environment, businesses can adapt the app to their context (e.g., retail, healthcare, finance).

–          AI-Driven Content: AI-generated prompts can address specific job roles, compliance requirements, or safety protocols.

–          Employee Satisfaction: Happy employees perform better. Personalized training fosters satisfaction and skill development.

–          Scalability: Whether it’s a small startup or a multinational corporation, the app’s scalability ensures efficient training across the board.

PromptFlow: A Multifaceted AI Solution in Microsoft Teams 


PromptFlow, our innovative AI chatbot integrated into Microsoft Teams, not only streamlines race strategy and collaboration but also stands as a testament to advanced cloud technology integration. Targeting three distinguished badges – “Plug N’ Play,” “Crawler,” and “Stairway To Heaven,” PromptFlow embodies the pinnacle of AI-driven solutions in Microsoft’s ecosystem. 

Plug N’ Play: Enhancing Microsoft Teams with AI 

PromptFlow elevates Microsoft Teams by offering automated, data-driven insights for racing strategy development. By utilizing over 5,000 race statistics, it enables users to query lap times, kart performance, and player stats in natural language, demonstrating a perfect blend of AI and user experience. 

Crawler: Transforming Race Strategy with AI Search 

The “Crawler” badge highlights PromptFlow’s innovative use of AI search to navigate extensive race data, revolutionizing the way racing teams strategize. This feature addresses the critical need for quick and accurate decision-making, offering a significant competitive edge in the racing industry. 

Stairway To Heaven: A Symphony of Microsoft Cloud APIs 

Achieving the “Stairway To Heaven” badge, PromptFlow masterfully combines multiple Microsoft cloud APIs: 

  • AI Search: Powers the core functionality, enabling efficient data retrieval. 
  • Sentiment Analysis: Enhances user interaction by adapting responses based on detected sentiment. 
  • PromptFlow Technology: Our proprietary tech, ensuring smooth and natural conversational experiences. 
  • Azure OpenAI Instance: The backbone providing computational power and advanced LLM capabilities. 

This integration not only meets the badge’s criteria but also sets a new standard for AI solutions in cloud environments. 

Technical Integration and Future Prospects 

Each API plays a crucial role in making PromptFlow a robust, intelligent system. This multifaceted integration exemplifies our commitment to leveraging cloud technology for creating advanced AI solutions, paving the way for future innovations. 

The solution/demo:


PromptFlow is more than just a chatbot; it’s a groundbreaking tool that revolutionizes race strategy development and team collaboration. It showcases our expertise in blending AI with cloud technologies, earning us the “Plug N’ Play,” “Crawler,” and “Stairway To Heaven” badges. As we continue to innovate, we look forward to exploring new horizons in AI and cloud computing. 

Note: This combined draft succinctly captures the essence of PromptFlow’s achievements in earning the three badges. It emphasizes the chatbot’s functionalities, technical prowess, and future potential in the realm of AI and cloud computing. 

Feature bonanza

We’re claiming the feature bombing badge!

Our main page is packed with awesome features:

  • Floor plan image upload
  • Analyze image by using AI to detect the different components and generate hot and cold water piping (2 features in 1!)
  • Approve floor plan (sets the piping suggestion to: accepted)
  • Fetch order list based on piping suggestion (automatically)
  • Accept project (assign project to me)

Waken Koopa Troopas Final Delivery: The Mario Detection System and Koopa Kompanion app

First, a video showcasing it all in use!

Technical explanation:


It all starts with a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B equipped with a camera:

The Rapberry Pi runs a facial recognition script, based on Caroline Dunn’s Raspberry Pi facial recognition repository:
The facial recognition algorithm uses the OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) library, and detects front-facing faces using Haar-cascades.
We’ve added a few short lines of code to send the image to Power Automate as a base64 string:

The power Automate flow is simple enough:

When the image is uploaded, another Power Automate flow takes over and notifies all Koopas (app users):

In the app, you can see all the Mario Bro sightings in a gallery list:

From here, Koopas can select a sighted Mario Bro and “handle” him. Once the bro has been dealt with the Koopa will be asked to confirm this with a photo of the defeated bro.
Once the kill is confirmed, the Koopa is awarded with 10 points!

The Koopa can then check their standings in the scoreboard, or on their own profile page:

Last but not least, there’s the Anti Mario Taskforce Training game.
The game works through several Timer controls, that each set the state of a separate group of images. The state is an int, and on the end of the timer, a random int between 0 and the amount of images in the group is selected. The separate images then have a short If condition in the Visible property which is true if their group state number is equal to the images number.

When the user clicks or touches the images, the image changes to have an explosion effect layered on top, a sound effect plays and their score is added to or subtracted from depending on what they hit.
Once the game timer runs out, the players score is stored on their profile information which is located in a Dataverse table so that it can be used throughout the app on the scoreboard and Profile pages!


Killer AI

With TWO killer AI that detects Mario and Luigi, the app make sure no Mario is left undetected. One AI is from a beautiful Rasberry Pi that has the surveillance camera attached to it. The Koopa puts this up around their house or where ever they want to feel safe. This AI will give the Koopa a notification whenever a Mario or Luigi passes by or is creeping.

We are also using power apps AI Builder to detect Mario/Luigi. We have chosen Prosses Image and object detection. Our Object detection model is trained to detect Mario and Luigi based on their beard and hat. Users can take a photo or select one already available in the device, and when an image is loaded, the component automatically scans it to identify Mario/Luigi.

We are also using power apps AI Builder to detect Mario/Luigi. We have chosen Prosses Image and object detection. Our Object detection model is trained to detect Mario and Luigi based on their beard and hat. Users can take a photo and when an image is loaded, the component automatically scans it to identify Mario/Luigi and if a Mario/Luigi is detected it adds a score of 10 to the user.

Still under training!!

Pandoras Box

Inside the Koopa Kompanion app, we have made a training program, so that Koopas who are a little afraid to kill Marios can practice, or just have a little break and have play a fun little game.

The game includes Marios that suddenly appear, and you have to kill them as fast as possible. Each time you hit a Mario you get points, but if you hit a friendly Koopa troopa, points will be taken from your score. The game also has immersive sound-effects!

You can always see your highscore on the homepage of the game, or on your profile and the scoreboard, so that you can keep up with your work.

Additionally, we would say the app itself is fun to use all around 🙂

Excellent User experience

Us Koopa Troopas haven’t gone to Harvard or Stanford, we are not super clever. Because of this we had to make the app easy to use, with colors that feels like home and we know are friendly. With four easy buttons on the menu bar on the bottom on the screen, the Koopas can easily navigate the app, from “Huntlist”, “Scoreboard”, “Training” and “Profile”.

Each site have titles that look familiar, so that we can feel safe. In addition to this, we have used Mario-based iconography all through the app, so the theme is consistent all the way through!

The Huntlist has a refresh button so that Koopas can always stay up to date with who is leading in kills. When a Koopa have chosen a target, they first have to defeat it, and after that they must confirm the kill using an object detector.

The Scoreboard shows what Koopa is leading in Mario Bros elimination, and also shows each Koopas highscore in the Anti Mario Taskforce Trainer.

On the profile page you can see your own information, like score from kills and highscore in the training game.

Most extreme business value

What is so good about the Koopa Kompanion – a mario detection system, is that it can be used wherever you want, for a lot of different purposes. While we prefer that it is used for it’s original purpose of stopping the Mario Bro terrorist organization, there are many other use cases for our creation!

A couple of examples:

  • Its time for a wedding, and you are hoping your stalker Browser don’t show up. You can install the Mario Detection System a few places around the wedding venue. If Bowser decides to ruin the wedding, you will know ahead of time, because you got a notification on your phone or your watch that Browser was detected. You can hire security guards to take him down before he causes a scene.
  • Lets say you are a wonderful yet loveless reptilian overlord, on the lookout for the princess of his dreams. By training the Mario Detection System on images of said princess, and attaching MDS-camera modules to your always willing minions, you could get instant notification of the princess’ current location. The object of your desire will no longer be able to hide!

The possibilities are endless! In a real world scenario, there are many uses for a system like this, especially considering the relatively small package the facial detection comes in!

It could be especially useful in security scenarios, especially for security centrals covering large areas/building with over 100 cameras, it could be used to reduce the amount of people needed to keep watch on everything. After all, there’s only so many camera feeds you can cram into one monitor. With our system, you could detect if a camera sees a person, and then only show feeds with people in them. Less time spent watching nothing!

Plug N’ Play

Gamifying Compliance Training with our Dynamics Canvas App

Our game utilizes AI to generate dynamic questions, offering a unique learning experience for each player. Specifically designed for internal training on compliance and privacy, it presents diverse challenges related to industry regulations and protocols.

As players navigate the game, AI-generated questions ensure a constantly changing set of scenarios. This prevents memorization, encouraging a deeper understanding of compliance matters and promoting a more engaging training experience.

Our App game is a tool that addresses the need for effective compliance training. It’s not about hype; it’s about enhancing internal learning through an interactive and adaptive approach. Join us in exploring a new way to make compliance training more engaging and effective.

We have also embedded this app into Microsoft Teams, which means that the app is easily available for employees to look at.