Final Delivery – Logiq Mushrooms – Mushroom Kingdom Princess Support

When we got the word about this year’s theme, it made a lot of sense to implement a Customer Service system, where the skilled Mario technicians will process and resolve the requests that princesses raise, in their time of need.

This idea was realized by a team of very logical mushrooms.

Our Princess Support system is composed of below functional parts:

  • Mario Onboarding App – Technicians can get AI generated skills and backstory, as well as a cool avatar based on their photo.
  • Princess-facing Portal – Princesses can use simple and fun interface to raise their request, and monitor the progress, as well as the Mario that was assigned to their request.
  • Mario Admin Center – Request are automatically assigned to the appropriate Marios using AI and the system also distributes real-time notifications.

In the Princess Service Portal our Princesses can log their requests for the technical support. Technical support management starts from the magic app.

Killer- AI Mario Onboarding Center

In our Kingdom we manage Marios also, and we care a lot about them! That is why we have created a mobile application tailored for our Marios. Marios can utilize this app to craft their profile pages. Within the app, we employ ChatGPT vision, image generation, and text generation models. The vision model analyzes the actual image of the User.  We merge the vision models results with additional prompts based on user preferences to create a cartoon avatar of Mario. 

Furthermore, we leverage text generation to create a background story for the Mario. Users are given the option to choose themes for the story. Once the story is generated, the AI also evaluates and assigns a skill level by analyzing the content of the produced story. All ChatGPT requests are handled by power automate cloud flows. They retrieve parameters directly from canvas app and return results to app. Inside the flow, we adjust the prompts accordingly and send requests to API.

Princess Self-Service Portal

Princesses specify their personal info during registration and provide a short description of their hardship.

This information is tracked by our support team and administrators (Mushrooms). We are here to save our princesses! Once the request is created in the admin app, the most appropriate Mario is automatically assigned. Is is very Business Valuable for our company.

Once the case resolution is proposed, the princess can review and provide feedback.

Our mushrooms receive the real-time notifications of the new cases, with the severity and suggested actions. No way we can miss any serious princess request!

Behind the scenes, we’ve implemented Clippy PCF (React), built upon the ClippyJs project, to empower this real-time communication. Leveraging the power of hosted on Azure, our solution ensures swift and efficient message delivery. 

Moreover, the backbone of the real-time communication lies in Azure Functions, written in Node.js. These functions diligently send out notifications to the instance hosted on Azure.

You can find more technical details of this feature implementation in the following post. 

Mushroom Powered Dashboards: 

We created a Power BI report and embedded it into a Model Driven App. It’s the first page our managers see when they open the app. 

We enable the managers to stay informed about the system’s activities. They can view case and technician information and monitor the average time taken to resolve cases. 

Additionally, we have incorporated a Q/A section for managers seeking more specific information. 

In this section, we display the case resolution duration, allowing managers to track SLA/KPI metrics effectively. 

Another chart presents the average rating of cases alongside the technician who resolved them, highlighting the best employee of the month. 

We also display the number of cases received by severity and the average completion time of cases categorized by severity. 

Understanding a Princess (<?>_<?>)

To save time of administrators and help as much as possible our Princesses, we have implemented next solution.

Sometimes, princesses feel overwhelmed and are unsure of where to begin when facing technical issues. That’s where we come in with our AI assistance! All princesses need to do is submit a description of their problem, and we take care of the rest. 

Whenever a princess creates a support request, a Dynamics Plugin triggers. This plugin forwards the issue to ChatGPT with the following prompt: “Given the case description below, please rate its severity on a scale of 1 to 4, where 1 signifies a minor issue and 4 indicates a critical one.” 
The response from the OpenAI request is the severity level. Upon receiving this result, the plugin searches for Marios skilled enough to handle the specified severity level and assigns the case to one of them. The plugin also updates the case details accordingly. 

Killer- AI Princess Rumors

In addition to our bombing features, we have boosted our business and productivity, sales, marketing, and so on, by using Killer AI cutting-edge AI technologies!!

With the PowerPlatform and Azure connecting the Low and Pro code approaches together, we boost the performance of resolving the cases by using some insights from the Copilot. And here is how we do that:

  • When we get complicated cases when we need external consultancy and assistant – task is to find the suitable Marios-consultants according to the customer request, by searching the professionals on the Indeed, comparing their background and experience and finding the best matches. (to find the suitable Marios according to the request.) 
  • Simplify the KYC(Know Your Customer) process by using unified workspace for all operations.  From Indeed we can understand the company background,do semantic analysis of the comments to have insights on how technicians can approach customer (princess) (simplify the KYC(Know Your Customer) process by using unified workspace for all operations.) 
  • By analyzing current princess (customer) and her needs based on the Indeed. The data that we were able to retrieve contains open job postings, company in for, recent news and personal profile info. Based on this information, we can suggest more other services and provide information to sales and marketing departments. (analyze current princess and her needs based on the Indeed profile and suggest more other services.) 


Of course, we have done a lot of work hear to make the solution that awesome, so that is can’t be free! We are charging:

Team license 99eur / year /user 

  1. As a manager, you will have the opportunity to assign different avatars for different users with his own character and mood. 
  1. Dashboard with the overview of the progress regarding the plan of sales, etc. 
  1. Add your custom messages for motivation or another event. 
  1. Define the achievements/badges for the users 
  1. Personal teams notification using adaptive cards

Personal user subscription: only 2.99eur 

– Personal user dashboard with progress tracking, scores, badges

– User will have an option to disable the Clippy 3 times per week up to 2h per day 

– Send some kudos to the random teammate to earn more scores/badges. 

Personal plus subscripting: just 4.99eur 

– Add the ability to send kudos to specific person ones per two weeks on behalf of the Clippy. 

– Ability to send anonymous feedback to the manager every 3 month. 

******************All Stars to amazing Mushrooms!*************

Dear community, 

Our blogposts contain various kinds of information. Some of them are technical like POC, other one business scenarios. But also, some of them joke to highlight the thin fringe between technologies and common sense. 


We are humans.  

Unfortunately, there is no way to solve the issues using only a technical approach. 

Let us keep in mind that all our solutions are built for humans first and follow the common principles of development: Privacy focused approach that means to collect personal info as little as possible and save in correctly to prevent any data leaks.