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Pumbing as a Service (PLaas) – self sustaining model using the power of low code

No worries no more with SMBPlumbing! By subscribing to our service, castle connoisseurs and dungeon lords can take action into their own hands.

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  • PlumbBot: Your quirky, AI-powered plumber-pal that helps you defeat those dastardly clogs!
  • PlumbGuiden: Dive into the bubbling forum of plumbing wisdom. Share a tip, snag a trick, or simply chat about all things pipe-related!
  • PlumbPowerUp & PlumbCertify: Turn pipe dreams into reality! Level up your plumbing skills and flush your way to side-hustle success.
  • PlumbQuest: When bots, guides, and power-ups can’t cut the clog, summon a PlumbQuest! Our certified plumbers to the rescue.

PlumbBot- chatbot and beoynd!

To have low OPEX and still provide accurate and helpful advice to our upcoming plumbers, we created PlumbBot. With our custom plumbing domain knowledge, we grounded the Copilot to only reply in the domain we are confident in – No medical advice lawsuits on us! More importantly, it provides step-by step instructions to resolve any plumbing issues asked by the user, in a natural Itallian, fiesty-style. More details for the instructions are provided through the references. To protect our IP, only authenticated members are allowed to use PlumbBot. It is also able to remember past chats in the case you loose connection or have to double check later on that you did every recommended step, in the right order!

However, not every plumber may solve every issue – a rupturing sewage pipe might need some more expertise. Luckily PlumbBot can redirect the member directly to our PlumbQuest page for requiring additional help.

Read more about PlumbBot here: Our Plumber expert – not your physicist


Unlock the secrets of the pipes with PlumberPowerUp, our portal’s out-of-the-box gamified adventure! Dive into three thrilling levels – each a gateway to your very own plumber certification.

Conquer Level 1 to snag the PL-200

Triumph in Level 2 for the PL-400

Master Level 3 to claim the coveted PL-600.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Armed with your certification, not only can you tackle your own pipe puzzles, but you’re also primed for a side hustle in solving PlumbQuests for others and generate some side-hustle coins.

PlumberPowerUp isn’t just a game – it’s your ticket to becoming a pipe-wrangling, leak-fixing, quest-conquering hero of the plumbing world!

All levels are described and showcased in this post: Stop at nothing to get certified, the bravest might face the wrath of JV Kong. But let’s have an honorable look at level 3. To get PL-600 you will have to accumulate all your previous skills to face the Chief of security himself, JV Kong.


With each victorious level, you’re are awarded with an AI-generated, uniquely-crafted diploma – a token of your newfound plumbing prowess!


Step into our lively forum, KvinnePlumberguiden! It’s a hub of handy exchanges between members and certified plumbers. From leaky faucets to the enigma of U-bends, no pipe problem is too big or small. Grab your virtual wrench, join in, and let’s unclog the world of plumbing together!


When your DIY plumbing turns into a ‘WHY did I try this?’ moment, it’s time to summon a certified plumber with a PlumbQuest!


When your electricity bills and interest rates start playing leapfrog, it’s your cue to dive into a PlumbQuest and earn some cash to keep them in check!

Skill-based routing

When creating PlumbQuest our super killer AI detector rates the severity and assigns the case to a plumber with the needed expertise. High severity will of course need the expertise of PL-600. Take a look in the following blog post to see more details: Get a Personal plumber, all fully automated with AI

In addition, because all plumbers are most likely Italian, we also make an Italian summary of the case using AI.

SMBPlumbing – the ultimate admin center!

A model-driven app so user-friendly, it’s like your admin center got a ‘For Dummies’ guide! Real data, nifty info, and a clear view of your organization’s game of hide-and-seek


Killer AI:

  • PlumbBot: Custom, grounded domain export ChatBot safely governed and highly accurate plumbing solutions for a large variety of plumbing issues. It is helpful for both unskilled plumbers, as well as more experienced, certified plumbers. Moreover, it gives you the warmth (and feistiness) of our beloved CEO and CTO, Mario and Luigi 
  • Language Mastery: Catering to our diverse members, PlumbBot seamlessly translates between English and Italian, ensuring clarity in plumbing lingo.
  • Intelligent Matchmaking: To properly address the criticality of the PlumbQuest, we use Generative AI through AI Builder to automatically infer the serverity degree. It then automates pairing with a suitably certified plumber, guaranteeing top-notch service and customer satisfaction.
  • Diploma Authenticity: Each certification diploma, uniquely generated and impossible to duplicate, is a symbol of our AI’s creative prowess. This feature underlines our pursuit of excellence in the Killer AI category, offering not just utility but also unmatched exclusivity.

Pandoras Box – Out of the box fun:

  • Mamma mia – Italian plumber: Everything is more fun, when interacting with an fiesty italians. This includes our PlumbBot, which gives authentic Mario-like phrases, while maintaining the profesionality. And overall in our solution
    Over all in our solution, is inspired by Plumbing terminology and
  • PlumberGuiden – A humorous, but important area for members to discuss all things Plumbing, with some topics suspiciously metaphoric-like to Kvinneguiden
  • Certification through Gamification: Our incredible Canvas app, scroller-platform Game allows for an enjoyable learning experience of plumbing tasks, while focusing on testing important plumbing skills to receive their PL(umbing) certifications. Exams are never fun, but this game is. With three different certifications and levels, including boss fighting, this is an amazing feat.
  • Diplomas: The uniquely designed certificate per user makes them stand out in the community. You never know what to expect!

Excellent user experience:

  • Cohesive Look – Our back-office and Customer portal has a cohesive look, with our colour scheme, page structure, font and illustration style
  • Best practice Customer Acquistion: Our landing page provides easy overview of the services SMBPLumbing offers, with intriguing call-to-actions and simple sign-up pages with call-to-actions and natural sign-up flow
  • Chat-based redirection: When the user requires more advanced expertise for the plumbing problem at hand, PlumbBot can redirect it to the PlumbQuest-page to reduce the effort of reaching out the our experts
  • Automatic PlumbQuest-enriching: Users may not know the severity or complexity of their PlumbQuest, so our AI-based automatic enriching providing severity and matchmaking, alleviates the burden of finding an appropriately priced plumber and complexity estimation.
  • Read more about the User experience here: Welcome to SMBPLUMBING

Business value:

  • Subscription model: For any access to our resources and services, a subscription is needed. This creates a steady revenue stream for our poor and tired Chief executives whom have been working hard around the world in so many castles.
  • Plumbing AI Assistant: Instead of relying on person-by-person expert knowledge which has high OPEX and does not scale, we leverage domain knowledge with GenAI to provide self-service tips and solutions to all of our members!
  • Certificates
  • Revenue sharing:  With the community driven model and automatic matchmaking, the networking effect drastically increases our growth potential and adds continuous value to our platform the more members we have. This makes it cost-effective for the clients, while enabling up-skilled, highly reviewed plumbers to receive higher margin PlumbQuests, without the customer acquisition cost associated with a self-employet plumber company. Our plattform fee also improves our cashflow, growing with the community