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Step into the Mushroom Kingdom 2.0, where Princess Peach is rewriting her story! Tired of the age-old cycle of rescue, she’s embracing empowerment in 2024. The team Boouvet present to you –> EMPEACHMENT – a groundbreaking app revolutionizing Peach’s quest for independence.

About the app

In order to achieve her ultimate goal in becoming independent, she must complete four modules. The modules are prepping and learning her skills to be her own master in Mushroom Kingdom. The modules are:

  • the good and the bad
  • Problem solving.
  • Exploration
  • Jumping Skills

As she is learning these skills, she can unlock several power ups that she can use in the Mushroom kingdom. She can also check her progress in a statistic page, where see can her review her strong and weak sides. To complete each module, she must play and collect enough coins and unlock several power ups along the way.



Resource management

To enhance her skills, Peach can track her progress in the app’s Statistics page. Through Power BI-generated charts, she gains insights into her strengths, weaknesses, and overall progress. This visual data helps her identify areas that require further improvement, guiding her towards achieving the ultimate goal of independence.



The good and the Bad

After enduring prolonged captivity and countless kidnappings by the notorious Bowser, Peach is determined to distinguish friend from enemies.

In this revolutionary app, Peach is presented with profiles of Mushroom Kingdom characters. Using a Tinder-like interface, she can swiftly make decisions – swiping right or clicking the heart for allies, and swiping left or hitting the ‘X’ button for potential enemies. It’s a modern twist on the age-old struggle for independence, and can be called PeachyConnections.

However, PeachyConnections isn’t about finding love; it’s about staying safe. By engaging with this innovative app, Princess Peach trains her ability to discern who stands by her side and who poses a threat. It’s her proactive approach to navigating the challenges of her kingdom and breaking free from the cycle of perpetual captivity.

Following each gameplay session, Princess Peach can track her performance with a clear breakdown of right and wrong decisions. To successfully complete the module, she aims to accumulate enough coins in her overall score. The Statistics page provides a detailed view of her progress, offering insights into her evolving abilities and achievements. It’s a dynamic way for Princess Peach to measure her advancement towards independence in Mushroom Kingdom 2.0


This part of the application has been taking use of a custom PCF-component taken from PCF Gallery called Swipe. When swiping through characters the custom PCF acts as a layer which registers whether you’ve swiped left or right. This then triggers a process which includes a Power Automate flow where the Power Apps trigger passes two parameters Character description if Princess Peach (User) and if she has swiped correctly. The Power Automate uses these two parameters and leveraging an HTTP action to pass the information with a prompt through OpenAI’s Web API. Power Automate then gives the resulted answer back to the Power App and the user can use the full summary to learn about the details of the swiped character and the choice done by her. A great platform to learn and giving context of the reason it is correct or wrong answer.

Problem Solving

In this module, Princess Peach’s problem-solving skills are put to the test, focusing on her knowledge of the Mushroom Kingdom. The challenge involves answering multiple-choice questions accurately. Should she encounter a particularly tricky question, she can turn to “Ask Toad” for assistance. Toad, being Mario’s trusty helper, naturally extends a helping hand to Princess Peach in her moments of “damsel in distress.” The “Ask Toad” feature serves as a supportive chatbot, ensuring that Princess Peach can overcome any difficults situation with ease.


There is a database full of questions created with Bing AI. These questions and answers are displayed in a gallery. When Peach clicks an answer, one point is added if she clicked the correct answer, and one point is deducted if it’s incorrect. The gallery buttons also change color to indicate which is the correct answer.

Toad, an AI bot powered by Copilot Studio, learns from the web and adapts to new data. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to understand and interpret information. This continuous learning makes Toad a versatile tool for tasks like data analysis, content creation, and problem-solving. It represents the next generation of AI, ready to assist with its ever-growing knowledge.

When Peach uses Toad for help, it triggers a power automate that again triggers a C# Azure function app so that we are able to track how often Peach uses AI for help. The idea here is to add to the KPI’s in Power BI so we have more useful data about how difficult the questions are, how often the user has to seek help and so.


The Exploration module immerses Princess Peach in the art of navigating the intricate landscapes of the Mushroom Kingdom. A perilous realm filled with unexpected dangers – from clouds ejecting pig shells to sentient flowers with an appetite for mischief. While unconventional, it’s a survival-of-the-fittest scenario for Princess Peach.

Within this module, Princess Peach encounters diverse worlds, each harboring both kind and hazardous elements. By interacting with these elements, she gains insights into what aids or threatens her survival. With four distinct worlds to explore – sea, land, desert, and sky – Princess Peach must choose wisely. Selecting favorable elements earns her coins, while interacting with perilous one’s results in point deductions.

To triumph in this module, Princess Peach must accumulate enough points by making strategic choices and mastering the art of distinguishing between the Kingdom’s treasures and its potential pitfalls. It’s a test of survival instincts and strategic decision-making in the fantastical realms of Mushroom Kingdom.

How it works

The screen displays a picture with buttons in front of a landscape. Some people/items are predefined as good and some are bad. Peach earns one point if she clicks on an item or person that is considered good, and loses one point if it is bad.

Jumping skills

Mastering jumping skills is crucial in the Mushroom Kingdom. This module focuses on Princess Peach ability to judge how far she can jump safely. Using the app, she can measure distances and receive instant feedback on the feasibility of each jump. Repeating this process allows her to learn and make informed decisions about her jumping capabilities, ensuring she doesn’t attempt jumps that are beyond her reach. It’s all about enhancing her judgment for safer navigation through the kingdom. To successfully finish the modules, Princess Peach needs to accurately measure multiple safe jumping distances, gathering the necessary coins in the jumping skill module.

How it works:

We have implemented a out of the box solution called mixed reality and customized it to our needs. Especially the measuring feature, so Peach herself can point between two real life objects that she thinks she can make the jump between and get instant feedback about how it would go.

There is a threshold for her built in that increases as she levels up. So she (hopefully) gracefully increases her jumping abilities as she plays the game.

Power Ups

As Princess Peach learn different skills in the modules, she will gain power ups as she starts to collect coins. Power-ups are crucial for Princess Peach’s journey to independence. They enhance her abilities, mitigate risks, and provide versatility in problem-solving. By unlocking new areas and boosting her confidence, power-ups symbolize her empowerment in the Mushroom Kingdom, aligning with her ultimate goal of breaking free from the traditional damsel-in-distress role. To unlock a power up, Princess Peach must collect coins. Unlocked power ups are shown with a unlocked icon, while locked powers ups are shown with a lock. This will potentially motivate Princess Peach to unlock more power ups as she learns new skills.


In our development process, we prioritized the user experience, ensuring the best possible interaction. The color palette was picked from Princess Peach’s dress, jewels, and crown, aiming to evoke a sense of familiarity and safety for the user. Every page was designed in Figma before the actual development phase.

We employed clear and concise language, explicitly outlining the goals for each module to ensure Princess Peach’s understanding and engagement. Additionally, we conducted contrast checks across the entire design, considering the possibility of any vision disabilities Princess Peach might have. We also included several elements from the Mushroom Kingsom or Mario universe, like the coins, power ups and Toad, to endorse the sense for familiarity even further for Princess Peach. Buttons are placed within thumb reach at the bottom, to make sure easy access to navigation.

Join her on this tech-driven journey as she breaks free from the clutches of Bowser. It’s time for a new era, where Princess Peach takes control of her destiny!

Upgrade to Mushroom Kingdom 2.0 – Empowerment awaits!.

Awesome statistics to show how much Toad helps!

We have created a C# function app in Azure that is triggered in the power app, via a power automate flow. From the power app we send in the name of the user and write to Dataverse how many times the user has clicked the button to get help. The thought behind is that we can get KPI’s on how often the user has “cheated” or if the user is a very knowledgeable person.

When the user pushes the picture of Toad to get help in the quiz, we send with the name of the user to power automate that triggers a Azure function app in C# that takes in the variable of the person playing:

The power automate flow then updates dataverse with one new attempt, to be used in the Power BI Dashbord and gives a notification back to the user that the cheating is noted.

The Hinder experience and Toad assistant feature.

Uses several third party solutions in the delivery, opensource or payable solutions made available by others. Show the importance of leveraging existing tools and APIs.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there! In the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach must determine whether she can trust each inhabitant and prepare her for the Mario World. This is brought to life through a Tinder-like swiping interface, where she makes her choices by swiping. The feature leverages the PCF Swipe component and a analysis feature of the swiped choices and characters with AI enabled feature by connecting it with OpenAI Web Service. This engaging feature adds a layer of suspense and fun to the game, making it an unforgettable swiping experience!

Toad Assistant (PVA with use of the AI web crawling feature to get infomration and context from webpage)

Loving the ease and use of Web API Connectors in Power Automate

In the following flow we have integrated three different connectors with the purpose of logging and giving an overview of DLP for all the ChatGPT related flows. We’ve involved user information through Azure Entra ID service, posting logs in Teams admin channel and also fetching the stored Azure Key Vault secret for security reasons which are then encrypted and hidden information based on the action settings of the HTTP action and Azure Key Vault action.

Integrating OpenAI GPT4 in Canvas App (The Existential Risk)

In this project, we demonstrate and integrate an AI system that can perform a simple task: identifying good or bad characters in Mario World for Princess Peach. However, we also explore the ethical and moral implications of this system, and whether it has a conscience or not by customizing the prompt and the AI behavior for custom output to the user and narrowing its conciousness as well.

The system consists of three components: a Power Automate flow that connects to the OpenAI Web API Service, a customized prompt that instructs the AI to analyze images of Mario World characters and swipe them left or right depending on their alignment, and a feedback from OpenAI based on our choices and a summary of the character relationship between the user and the character subject.

In this example we can somewhat restrict the behaviour and the information flow it spits out in the context of ethical response in relation to GDPR rules.

Mixed reality – out of the box solution

We have incorporated a mixed reality component into the app to help Peach improve her jumping skills. This feature allows her to measure the distance between two objects within the app.

The idea is that Peach should be able to point and measure the distance between two objects she can jump. If the measured distance is shorter than a predetermined threshold, she receives positive feedback generated by AI, along with points that are stored in Dataverse.

To complete the module, Peach needs to successfully perform 10 jump exercises. Her current score or progress is displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

If Peach measures a distance that exceeds her jumping abilities, she will receive feedback from the AI and no points will be awarded.

Example of an Overly Optimistic Measurement:

One could argue that the ability to take a 3D model and view it in a real-life environment to get a sense of its size compared to real-life objects can be beneficial when dealing with unfamiliar objects or sizes. This is particularly useful for objects measured in inches for anyone not from the US.

Embedding numbnut

EMPEACHMENT is rich with embedded resources. It features numerous Power BI tiles, each designed to assist Peach in achieving her goal.

Additionally, the app incorporates an embedded bot named Toad, ready to answer Peach’s queries about the Mushroom Kingdom.

More information about the Power BI tiles and the bot is available in an earlier blog post:

Coommunity Champioon with Cake

Several teams had risen before dawn, and it had been hours since they had breakfast. Sensing it was an opportune moment for a treat, Team Boouvet decided to bring out some cake. Dennis had prepared a delightful French apple cake. Ginevra took the initiative to visit each team, offering cake and words of encouragement.

She even gathered snacks from the other teams!

French Apple Cake – Recipe from a French aunt I know from Cannes, ranked by priority:


  • Peel at least 5 apples and cut into 8 small wedges, cut away the hard parts.
  • Flambé apples with butter, sprinkle sugar on it. Feel free to pour a little cognac or Grand Marnier liqueur – pour 6-7 spoons of cognac/liqueur.
  • Simmer and stir until the apples become soft. (approx. 5 min).


  • 12 tablespoons of wheat flour
  • 2 1/2 teaspoon baking powder mixed well with wheat flour
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • 7 tablespoons milk
  • 6 tablespoons soy oil/sunflower oil
  • 3 large eggs (4 small)
  • Whisk everything into a batter, best result with an electric whisk.
  • Bake at 180 degrees for 22 minutes. (Add extra last minutes and monitor it so that it does not burn the top).
  • Take out and put aluminum foil over and let it bake the dough, usually 10 more minutes. But poke a hole in the middle and feel if the dough is done enough).


  • Melt 100g butter in low heat from a small pot or microwave (not frying hot)
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 raw egg
  • Stir and mix together. When the cake is done, let it rest for 10 minutes – brush the surface so that the glaze covers over.

    Serve with vanilla sauce if you want.

Each team member who enjoyed the cake is warmly invited to show their appreciation by giving Dennis a hug.

Five badges in one poost?

Toad, a character widely recognized as Mario’s loyal companion, assumes a different role in our scenario. Instead of assisting Mario, Toad will be guiding Princess Peach through the perilous landscapes of the Mushroom Kingdom. Known for his extensive knowledge, Toad has documented everything in his personal wiki, which serves as a comprehensive guide to their world. In our application, Toad will utilize this knowledge to answer Princess Peach’s queries via a chat interface. This interactive feature will allow Princess Peach to navigate her journey with greater confidence and understanding.

Toad, an AI bot powered by Copilot Studio, learns from the web and adapts to new data. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to understand and interpret information. This continuous learning makes Toad a versatile tool for tasks like data analysis, content creation, and problem-solving. It represents the next generation of AI, ready to assist with its ever-growing knowledge. (New text added here)

Live demo of Toad:

Who can resist the thrill of a captivating game? Our app takes you on an exhilarating journey, brimming with elements of gamification. It features a sophisticated scoring system for our beloved Princess Peach, tracking her progress throughout the game.

Live demo of score:

But that’s not all! Princess Peach has access to a dynamic Power BI dashboard, allowing her to review her progress and identify her strengths and areas for improvement. This interactive tool serves as a constant motivator, pushing her to strive for excellence

Last night, we celebrated a significant achievement as we won the award for ‘Excellent User Experience’ for Thursday. This accolade is a testament to the hard work of our experienced UX designer, who has crafted a fabulous Figma prototype to assist our developers. This victory leads us to the final chapter of our journey.

Last but not least, we invite you to step into the world of our application. Here, a vibrant pink palette, reminiscent of Peach’s dress, meets a shiny and glossy user interface, crowned with a touch of yellow, much like Peach’s crown. Our design choices, carefully considered for ease of navigation, make interacting with our app not just user-friendly, but a truly delightful experience. (New text added here)

Color palette from Figma

Live demo of shiny and glossy design (the design is not 100% complete in this video):

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