Mixed reality – out of the box solution

We have incorporated a mixed reality component into the app to help Peach improve her jumping skills. This feature allows her to measure the distance between two objects within the app.

The idea is that Peach should be able to point and measure the distance between two objects she can jump. If the measured distance is shorter than a predetermined threshold, she receives positive feedback generated by AI, along with points that are stored in Dataverse.

To complete the module, Peach needs to successfully perform 10 jump exercises. Her current score or progress is displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

If Peach measures a distance that exceeds her jumping abilities, she will receive feedback from the AI and no points will be awarded.

Example of an Overly Optimistic Measurement:

One could argue that the ability to take a 3D model and view it in a real-life environment to get a sense of its size compared to real-life objects can be beneficial when dealing with unfamiliar objects or sizes. This is particularly useful for objects measured in inches for anyone not from the US.

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  1. Really interesting, the mixed reality in combination with the game looks really cool!

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