Integrating OpenAI GPT4 in Canvas App (The Existential Risk)

In this project, we demonstrate and integrate an AI system that can perform a simple task: identifying good or bad characters in Mario World for Princess Peach. However, we also explore the ethical and moral implications of this system, and whether it has a conscience or not by customizing the prompt and the AI behavior for custom output to the user and narrowing its conciousness as well.

The system consists of three components: a Power Automate flow that connects to the OpenAI Web API Service, a customized prompt that instructs the AI to analyze images of Mario World characters and swipe them left or right depending on their alignment, and a feedback from OpenAI based on our choices and a summary of the character relationship between the user and the character subject.

In this example we can somewhat restrict the behaviour and the information flow it spits out in the context of ethical response in relation to GDPR rules.