(Mario) Party Superstars!

Having started the last lap of the race we want to share some of the fun we’ve had at camp. Both within our team and in collaboration with others. Having been placed in the centre of the room, it has been an utter privilege and an honor blasting mario tunes for everyone’s enjoyment.

We are all rocking matching outfits, even taking into account other people’s nostrils, by bringing more than one outfit!

Other notable features of the camp includes a lot of bananas. Cut-out bananas and 3d-printed bananas, of course! Wouldn’t it be easier to use actual bananas, you might ask. Well of course it would – but then we wouldn’t be able to have arts and crafts sessions!

Camp tour:

We have also given and received help throughout the event. Here are some photos of Herman helping INtendo DS with App Service config, and us receiving help with some prototyping:

General vibe:

Have Fun

Throughout the challenging days of coding and inventing awesome features, our team has consistently demonstrated strong camaraderie. We bond over rounds of Mario, sharing hearty laughs, and enjoying refreshing beers together.

You’ve likely heard our laughter echoing through the room in recent days!

Look at some of this awsome pictutres

Nighttime Progress: A Snapshot of Dedication

As the night deepens at the hackathon, our team’s resolve only strengthens. With the outside world cloaked in darkness, the glow of our monitors lights up our determined faces. Remi delves into the heart of game development, fine-tuning mechanics to ensure our game is as engaging as it is seamless. His dedication to crafting an immersive experience is a beacon of our team’s passion for excellence.

In parallel, Sindre channels his creativity into Power Page styling and design, focusing on creating a visually appealing and intuitive user interface. His efforts to blend form with function are pivotal, ensuring that our project not only captivates but is also accessible and enjoyable for users. Together, their work epitomizes our team’s dynamic capabilities and unified goal: to deliver a project that stands out for its innovation and user-centered design, proving that even as the night wears on, our spirit and productivity soar.

Never back down! Never what!


Yesterday we did an amazing job, but still the judges did not agree with us, and we ended up with very few points in the fight for the title. Third to last, but that never stopped us.

Our motivation:


– waken Koopa troopas

Today, we put blood, sweat, and tears into our work.

With remarkable team spirit, we have risen… in rank.. singular. Forth to last.

A win is a win! LETSGO!

Solo Adventurer No More!

In the vast landscape of the ACDC Hackathon event, there exists a lone adventurer, navigating the intricate realms of technology with only a keyboard and a dream. Meet David, a one-person team determined to conquer the challenges of solo development!

As fate would have it, our paths crossed, and we saw the spark of brilliance in David’s endeavors. Recognizing the potential for growth and innovation, we decided to extend a helping hand to our solo coder friend and include him in our team! Remarkable team spirit, don’t you think?

Welcome to our adventure, David!


Remarkable Team Spirit

This year we are focusing not only on our own Team Spirit, but we are brining the team spirit to all of the teams!.

Every single team is equipped with a trigger button. When they click the button a signal is sent to a Raspberry PI that starts playing a tune. All teams have their own tunes. At the end of the tune we have a voice “Team X just claimed another badge”.

The intention is to create a competitive and celebratory mindset of claiming badges. This way we can cheer each other along while making progress.

Retro update!

We clain for badges:

  • Happy Camper – for using a lot of extraordinary goods like Lego building, game consoles and a lot of sweets
  • Community Champion – for encouragin other teams build something cool, inspire by old nintendo and sharing the sweets
  • Remarkable Teamspirit – for keeping an incredible team spirit

In a world where technology moves at the speed of light, it’s the nostalgia for the past that often brings us together, grounding us in the shared memories of simpler times. This sentiment is beautifully captured in the latest night update from Nintendo, a surprise that has sent waves of excitement through the team!

Now we have two oldest nintendos!

And the Nintendo GAMEBOY:

And, naturally, the LEGO serves to enhance team spirit.

Keeping up the spirit and championing the community!

The team is maintaining their exceptional spirit, working tirelessly into the night and starting bright and early.

Of course, having warp pipes that burst with candy always boosts morale, even in the early hours.

Speaking of candy, we continue our role as community champions, assisting other teams with technical inquiries and, in turn, receiving support ourselves (shout out to Peaches and the Donkeys!).

We also focus on maintaining the judges’ blood sugar (and liquid) levels, something we believe is important for the community.

We also continue to help out in other ways, embodying the true spirit of the competition.