Middle-age Mutable Ninja Tuples show team spirit in the face of adversity!

The Middle-age Mutable Ninja Turtles have had a turbulent ACDC. Starting off strong with a full team of five, they lost their two functional experts (Dynamics, Synapse, dashboards, low-code) due to illness after the first day. Left standing is a team of three coders.

As skilled and adaptive they may be, the developer team cannot be expected to teach themselves Dynamics 365 and functional Azure features over the course of a single day, so things were looking grim for the Middle-age Mutable Ninja Tuples as their functional guys had to tap out on Friday morning.

The functional experts were, however, heavily invested in the solution. And even stronger than their drive to deliver the best possible SOS response solution was their commitment to help their stranded teammates pull through in the face of adversity. 

The two functional experts have made an heroic effort to squeeze functionality, blog posts and assistance out of every waking and vacant moment when health allowed it, which is a testament to the strength of the team spirit in MaMNT!

Inge-André ready to work on Power Apps after a few Power Naps.

Party party, yes yes!

Well, let’s all agree on something, this is a good old fasion LAN for us adolt nerds. And we love it! But, for us, it wouldn’t be a LAN without some good 90s music! That’s why we wanted to share this mood with you all Friday night! And yes, we saw both hands in the air, heads nodding a little bit more than normal to the beat, and legs mysteriously move to the music. Thank you all, we love being here and hope you enjoyed it (we know Ulrikke did)! <3
And, since we got several request fro the playlist link, here it is (yes, it’s called Øyvind 30 år, it was the playlist for that birthday):