🦜Awesome community champions – helping our good friends at ❤️PowerPirates of AxData ❤️

When we went to the dinner friday evening we discovered a serous security incident at our friends and good neighbours at the PowerPirates of AxData. Two of their team mebers had forgotten to lock their computers!

It seemed like their were logged on their systems. Instead of doing as ordinary pirates 🏴‍☠️probably would do and destroy all their things we did THE RIGHT THING and locked their computers using the very special keyboard combination (Windows + L) ❤️

❤️All the best to the Power Pirates from the Sabeltanns❤️

🏎 Try to Beat this RPM. We Dare You! ⚡️

These engines turn at the whopping speed of 0.000001 m/s. Not only is the engine slow, the technology is old. The transistors that make the coquetry and the coils that make the engine revolve are the most retro data component of them all. Unfortunately we already claimed the retro badge, but would like to show you what we do with physical component and how we do small hacks to make things work.

Captain Mats working on why the motor is not revolving at sufficient speed for what we require. Look at that focus! He is a legende! Girls and boys, he is unfortunately taken 💔

Unfortunately we had to hack our solution in the end, even with stellar help from Marius and @bastards we could not get the engine revolving any faster enough for our needs. The voltage output and ossilating is stuck making it perform suboptimal. We think the motor or voltage output needs to be adjusted but lack the tools and time, so the hack we ended doing was to swap the Arduino with the laptop and running a virtual Arduino instead of the real deal. Simulating something easy with something complex to make stuff work. We feel this is a hack in the spirit of making up lost time.

Meme about using expensive power computers to perform mundane tasks meant for matchbox computers

When a matey be in dire straits 🆘🏴‍☠️

Arrr matey! Listen up ye landlubbers, th’ teams round us be workin’ hard n’ fast to come up with grand solutions. Even though we scallywags at Pirates o’ th’ CaribIN be battlin’ against pirates, we must lend a hand to our neighbors when they be in need. Cap’n Hack Sparrow @in2 needed a figurehead to rally his crew, and since our 3D printer be swift and sharp, we took on th’ task with glee.

3D model

They sent us a 3D model of a pirate they fancied, which we then sliced and printed with ease. Now they be all smiles n’ joyful, hoisting their mugs high! Yarrr!

Yarr – CaptaIN in the makin’
Soo joyful

Because I care to share!

For this we deserve the “Community Champion” badge:

And “Sharing is caring”

On my way to solve the ongoing Head 2 Head Challenge I came across a blog article that might be a way of solving the challenge.

It’s more important to me that my fellow contestants and rivals learn more about Power Pages – then it is for me to win the challenge – I would like to share this blog article with you.

Hot tip for the next Head 2 Head challenge: When you google for answers, include the name of the person providing the challenge πŸ˜‰

This will not take you all the way, but it’s a theoretical solution to the Head 2 Head Challenge.

Best of luck – and may the fastest developer win!


Arrr, ’tis true what ye say. In this age of Artificial Intelligence and large language models, ’tis important that we share our learnings and explorations with fellow scalawags for innovation.

We hope Evidi releases the Kraken of Nvidia image generation prompting… and ye’d best keep that shenanigan within pirate domains!

When harnessing tha powers of prompting, we keep our sample API requests tucked away in a Postman collection. Easy to use, easy to share! #ShareAlike, me hearties! #Sharin’BeCarrin’!

#PirateGPT #FTW

Today we raise the Jolly Roger high in celebration of our fellow pirate crew, Evidi Sabeltanns, who have once again made their mark on the high seas of the hackathon battle. Despite the fact that our own crew may not have been the best in the competition, we still have reason to be proud of our pirate brothers and sisters. πŸ˜‰

So, let us celebrate their victory and raise a cheer for our fellow pirate crew.

I should also say As pirates, we are often depicted as ruthless, heartless individuals who stop at nothing to achieve our goals. But One of our pirate members recently showed that even the toughest of pirates can have a heart of gold. our Captain, helped a group of enemy pirates, The Bastards, by providing them with a battery for their ship, which had run aground and was unable to set sail πŸ˜‰

Community Champion🔊🔊

UI is very important for end-user experience. It can give the users positive feedback when doing something good, and therefore give them a feeling of accomplishment. What about taking it to the next level, and providing audio elements as well when you complete a cool task/raid etc.

This is why we have teamed together with many of the ACDC pirates to bring happy vibes to the community. We have a Raspberry Pi that we have connected to the internet and our SONOS speaker. We are providing all of the teams a unique webhook that they can call whenever they want, and the song of their choice will play:)

We will be offering this service to all teams, so they can have some fun with sound when the do someting.

  1. First, we downloaded a clip from youtube and extracted the .mp3 file
  2. Edited the mp3 file to a short sequence
  3. Uploaded the file to the Raspberry PI
  4. Created a Webhook in Raspberry PI that is unique for AXData that plays Jack Sparrow