Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft <3

Let’s face it, we all love Microsft (and yes, sometime hates Microsoft, but any type of feeling is a lot better than no feelings!). We use Microsoft technology every day, and of course we use a lot of this in our solution. Let’s go for the one first. Using Power Automate to use data input in Dynamics 365 HR to create a user in Azure AD (I know, you’ve seen this before in a previous post, but it might be easier for you to see everything in one post than for us to reffer to other posts):

Then, why should you leave it up to every employee to create their email signature? Don’t worry, we’ll solve it for you. We’ve created a solution that attach a signature on all outgoing emails that have our company name in Azure AD, configured in the Exchange setup in office365 with data from Azure AD:

Create a disclaimer as a flow rule in Exchange
Applied to senders that are employed in our company, AxShredder Inc
The signature itself is created with HTML-code
And this is how it will be, without data added
And with data added

And then, the night before a new employee starts at our company, have a Power Automate that imports the user in to Dynamics so that the user can log in to the system. Also, connect the user to the correct worker so that it can access the Employee Self-Service to see and edit data regarding himself: