Together we get the best solutions!

We started this mornig with a call to a company called OneFlow. We have had some conversations with them before, and decided that we wanted to try to get something done together with them today. We wanted to bulid an API integration from Dynamics 365 HR to OneFlow, so that we can sen out Employment Agreements for digital signatures directly from Dynamics! If this is not a huge business value, then we don’t know what are!
This is what this we did together with them right here and now, and how it works:

Contract is generated in oneflow, and is sent to the company representative as well as the employee.

When the contract is signed electronically by both parties, power automate get a callback with information on which employee that has signed and we can tick off “contract signed” in HR and add an url link to the contract in oneflow.

The solution is set up to support Swedish BankID,

Danish NemID, Finnish BankID,

Norwegian BankID and advanced e-signature for other countries with e-mail/phone verification