Nighttime Progress: A Snapshot of Dedication

As the night deepens at the hackathon, our team’s resolve only strengthens. With the outside world cloaked in darkness, the glow of our monitors lights up our determined faces. Remi delves into the heart of game development, fine-tuning mechanics to ensure our game is as engaging as it is seamless. His dedication to crafting an immersive experience is a beacon of our team’s passion for excellence.

In parallel, Sindre channels his creativity into Power Page styling and design, focusing on creating a visually appealing and intuitive user interface. His efforts to blend form with function are pivotal, ensuring that our project not only captivates but is also accessible and enjoyable for users. Together, their work epitomizes our team’s dynamic capabilities and unified goal: to deliver a project that stands out for its innovation and user-centered design, proving that even as the night wears on, our spirit and productivity soar.

2 thoughts on “Nighttime Progress: A Snapshot of Dedication

  1. Could you please provide us with a simple and brief argument for each of your badge claims here?

    • Community Champion: We helped another team by cleaning up their code, this included a PR to their repo containing a component that they are using within their solution. (Evidi team) This also falls under the badge “Sharing is caring” since we also have made a component open repo on github.

      Mario Badge: Our solution talks for itself, as a gamification of a AI course, where the user plays a super mario game, engaging in challenges along the way. We use game mechanics by the third party library Phaser 3 in a PCF component (react / typescript solution)

      Power User Love: Our game is pro-code, but it is implemented within a Power Page, with multiples sites containing both information about the solution, player stats and the actual game.

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