(Mario) Party Superstars!

Having started the last lap of the race we want to share some of the fun we’ve had at camp. Both within our team and in collaboration with others. Having been placed in the centre of the room, it has been an utter privilege and an honor blasting mario tunes for everyone’s enjoyment.

We are all rocking matching outfits, even taking into account other people’s nostrils, by bringing more than one outfit!

Other notable features of the camp includes a lot of bananas. Cut-out bananas and 3d-printed bananas, of course! Wouldn’t it be easier to use actual bananas, you might ask. Well of course it would – but then we wouldn’t be able to have arts and crafts sessions!

Camp tour:

We have also given and received help throughout the event. Here are some photos of Herman helping INtendo DS with App Service config, and us receiving help with some prototyping:

General vibe:

Happy Campers in Cepheo area!

Attending the ACDC Hackathon is not just about swearing and sweating – it is also an opportunity to eat some snacks and have fun. You are currently witnessing new and older Cepheo employees getting along playing RC car (Super Mario edition of course) and making big jumps!

The boys look more beautiful than ever with their Princess Peach-inspired tiaras and cute smiles! And even better; our Super Mario below brought beer and other delicious beverages in his portable cooler.

Don’t worry, be hoppy – as the beer said!

#Cheers from the #Happy Campers

Happy Camper + Community Champion

Today we upgraded our camp with some homemade pennant, to keep our spirit on top for the rest of the hackathon. We are beyond happy with our outfits also, giving us the kindergarten employees and 80’s family look and feel <3

Our designer also helped SuperINtendo with their wireframes and design, going from zero to hero in just 30 minutes!

Pink Paradise

With this post, we claim the Happy Camper Bagde.

While creating a fun game where Princess Peach saves Mario, our camp at Peaches of Itera is just awesome. We dressed up as Peach and Mario to set the right mood, and the whole camp is buzzing with excitement and friendship.

Our colorful costumes match the game’s energy and our camp is a creative and teamwork-filled space. When the sun sets, lanterns light up our camp, making it magical. It’s not just a game; it’s a super fun experience where everyone is part of a cool story of success and friendship. In our pink paradise, happiness goes beyond the game, leaving lasting memories like the sweet smell of peaches

Retro update!

We clain for badges:

  • Happy Camper – for using a lot of extraordinary goods like Lego building, game consoles and a lot of sweets
  • Community Champion – for encouragin other teams build something cool, inspire by old nintendo and sharing the sweets
  • Remarkable Teamspirit – for keeping an incredible team spirit

In a world where technology moves at the speed of light, it’s the nostalgia for the past that often brings us together, grounding us in the shared memories of simpler times. This sentiment is beautifully captured in the latest night update from Nintendo, a surprise that has sent waves of excitement through the team!

Now we have two oldest nintendos!

And the Nintendo GAMEBOY:

And, naturally, the LEGO serves to enhance team spirit.

Happy Camper

Point Taken has gone above and beyond this year for the Cool Camp. We have Power Ups , Green Pipes and blocs all over the place.

It also does help that we have an extremely handsome Mario that actually is strong enough to lift any Peach out there!! (Emojy Strong arm) (Emojy Princess)

Boouvet Early delivery

In the colorful and adventurous Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach has been trapped for years in the classic cycle of being kidnapped by the malicious turtle Bowser, only to be rescued by the courageous plumber Mario. However, now, in the exciting year 2024, Princess Peach is starting to feel a bit impatient with being the “damsel in distress.” Instead of waiting for Mario to show up, she has taken destiny into her own hands by embracing the latest technology. Welcome to Mushroom Kingdom 2.0, where Peach has adopted EMPACHMENT – a revolutionary app that provides her with everything a modern princess needs to become independent and break free from the role of Bowser’s eternal captive.

To achieve complete independence in the Mushroom Kingdom, she must learn these skills:

  1. Categorizing what’s good/bad in everything she encounters in the Mushroom Kingdom. Here, we will build a training module based on a database of all Super Mario characters, and an Out of The Box Swipe component that Peach can use to guess. She earns points, and data is stored in Dataverse so she can later review her progress in a Power BI Dashboard.
  2. Resource Management: Peach can check her progress in a Power BI Dashboard.
  3. Problem Solving: Answering general questions from the Mario world and must respond correctly. We use a Chatbot against MarioWiki to both generate and find answers to Mario-related questions.
  4. Exploration: Using navigation and control of what happens with taps and touches on images of Super Mario landscapes, Peach can practice how to navigate through the worlds and choose the right solution to progress. We provide her the opportunity to train in both land, water, castles, etc.
  5. Jumping Skills: JumpSkill is crucial in Mario, using mixed reality components in Power Apps to answer if the distance is safe or not.

Technology that we are using:

The power app Empechment contains several gamified power pages and a Power BI Dashboard.

Sketches of the app

The team has set up camp in the Mushroom Kingdom, surrounded by colorful mushroom fields and giant pipes. Gadgets and costumes adorn the camp, ranging from high-tech Mushroom Communicators to innovative Power-Up Mushrooms. There’s an electric excitement in the air, as if an adventure is about to unfold.

Amidst laughter and smiling mushroom characters, whispers of tales from days of old fill the air. Rumors about an NES from the Stone Age have spread like wildfire, and Mario enthusiasts from all over the Mushroom Kingdom gather to witness the nostalgic treasure. The vintage console has the honor of carrying the timeless Mario games, and nostalgia flourishes among adventurous souls.

Princess Peach, adorned in her latest EMPACHMENT gear, glides through the camp with a smile. The independent princess has found a new way to embrace the adventure while participating in the community. The team, led by Mario, has never seen her so radiant and self-assured. It seems like the Mushroom Kingdom has become a place where the adventure never ends, and even princesses take destiny into their own hands.

Introducing the Mario Detection System (M DS)!

The system will initially consist of the Mario-detecting Camera (MDC) and the Koopa Kompanion, a canvas app for Koopas in the field.

Once the MDC detects a Mario bro, it will send a notification to all Koopas so they can see the last recorded Mario bro location and destroy him with extreme prejudice.

Look at the happy campers!!

We have adorned our camp (and ourselves) with various Mario paraphernelia. Including but not limited to baloons, hats, a table cover and moustaches.