The remarkable team spirit and happy camping of Evidi Sabeltanns

Ahoy there! It’s finally the first day of ACDC 2023 and we are starting off strong with a full team of five pirates.

Our team har kept an extremely good team spirit throughout the first day, and we have already come far with our work. We are working with technology that we are both familiar and unfamiliar with. We are making everything from making a boat simulator to face recognition. We support each other, share ideas and fool around to boost morale and increase motivation.

With hats, hoodies and lots of tech stuff we consider us happy campers

Happy camp, happy pirate!

When planning for a ACDC Hackaton, we won’t just show up with our screens and work work work. It’s important to have fun too! We have planned for our “spot” in the room a long time before the event, and that’s why it looks as it does as well! 😊 And, of course we need matching clotes as well, we will feel like a very good team every hour and every day! And, just as a little extra setup as well, we have a cooler in place to make sure we always have cold, refreshing drinks to keep the spirit as good as we can! 😊

Awesome Team Spirit

Some times things just doesn’t go your way. So far we have experienced unexpected restrictions regarding the public apis we are using, the Dynamics 365 environment we are editing is constantly locked for changes and one of our team members had to leave us for the day.

It is in times like this we must push through and never give up! Thanks to my fantastic pirate crew that still keeps an awesome team spirit 🙂 The ship will turn, I’m sure of it!!!
#bestbuds #happyteam

By this we claim the Remarkable Teamspirit badge! Yarr 😀


This morning we plundered nearby islands and the reward was great. Our camp is now in better shape

We hereby claim the Happy Camper badge.

The Orange Bandits Happy Camp

ACDC has always been and enjoyable experience that is filled with happiness, geekiness and a lot of learning! ACDC focuses on fun activities and creating a positive atmosphere.

And that’s definitely what we are bringing today!

This is a place where people are happy and content, such as a community or workplace that has a positive culture. And here are the Orange bandits showing up early in the arena (7:30) before everyone else!

The Seven Seas are Even More Dangerous with this Crew Sailing

You and your mates are standing, looking out over your stern you see a ship. This is when you spot an enemy ship! It looks totally out of control. Every hand on deck. And is that a volley ball!? Surely these pirates are more like jokerates… They are ripe for a plunder!

His smooth voice is a thunder cracking the sound of the seven seas

But then, you spot it. The stunning Captain Mats with his firm jaw, talking smooth orders. But even the smooth sound of his smooth voice is a thunder cracking the sound of the seven seas. These are no ordinary pirates. No ordinary buclkeneers. They are Swaggrates, the swaggiest of pirates. They are The Hack Sparrows!

Meet the crew

Hello ACDC! We are pleased to meet you all! We are one of the lucky teams to join from Innovation Norway this years. Meet the team:

Mats, our captain with the chiseled Jaw and an expert in all things backend. He is a fan of the posterior for sure. When not creating the machines of eave that lurks in you server cabinet, he enjoys geting his sea legs moving on the dance floor. You will be surprised by the trick this man can achieve when given enough rum.

Solveig, our lady with a mind as sharp as daggers. Solveig does our AI and is the brain of the bunch. Also she is a 6b+ boulder and knows a thing or two about climbing masts and attaching from above with carefully planned accuracy. She also loves to bake and covers every room she enters with the pleacent cent of vanilla and cinnamon.

Henrik is our silent killer that works in the shadow realm of Office 365. He can create systems that furfill your life or trap you in perpetual torment. He also enjoy using his thunder legs to punt footballs through the horizon.

Tommy, our knower of every arm and resident full-stack. He knows how to choose the right weapon for the right attack, or counter attack. Other Pirates, look out! When not picking the right weapons for the seven seas hi spend his time among the turtles in perfect harmony, diving off the coast and snorkeling when on vacation.

Sebastian, our esthetical eye in the sky and swagger of cloth is responsible for making things pretty. But unknown to many, he deploys deadly tactics such as UX, design psychology and intuitive design to fool you into his traps, stealing all your coin! When not making things pretty he likes to snowboard down mountains, preferably those at edges any of the seven seas.

We are looking forward to work with you all in this tiny ocean that is Sorsalen-konferansesal at Soria Moria! Yarrrr!

Happy Camper

Nearing the end of ACDC 2022 we have had a great time! We have met old friends and gained new ones. Just an amazing experience to finally be back amongst people again.


Personally we feel we have been exceptionally happy and spread the joy to everyone we talk to. All of the endorphins after meeting so many friends again has us smiling almost all of the time:) Working 24/7 a few days we also clock in the most chair time, and that has to say something about our competitive spirit? 😂😂

And of course playing Turtle Power at many hours – theme power to the people!


Let’s start with the brains of the whole operation! Our most important Raspberry PI controlling all of our smart objects. It supports BLE, Zigbee and Z-wave for purposes of communication.

With Zigbee we are controlling our smart light. Color, brightness etc.

Over Z-Wave we are connecting to our Police Light that flashes whenever danger is near. This is a real light that has been in action 🚓

Over WIFI we are able to connect to our Nest Hub, where we play music/videos based on events that happen (intrusion, pizza purchase.. etc).

Over WIFI we get signals to our Raspberry every time the camera detects motion. A sensor for the future when able to also connect to AI services for recognizing faces for security measures.

Just a pot of beautiful green led lights 🟩 and workstation turtle color ready – power to the theme!

Lets not forget the most important thing of them all!! The beautiful watch display!!:)