Retro update!

We clain for badges:

  • Happy Camper – for using a lot of extraordinary goods like Lego building, game consoles and a lot of sweets
  • Community Champion – for encouragin other teams build something cool, inspire by old nintendo and sharing the sweets
  • Remarkable Teamspirit – for keeping an incredible team spirit

In a world where technology moves at the speed of light, it’s the nostalgia for the past that often brings us together, grounding us in the shared memories of simpler times. This sentiment is beautifully captured in the latest night update from Nintendo, a surprise that has sent waves of excitement through the team!

Now we have two oldest nintendos!

And the Nintendo GAMEBOY:

And, naturally, the LEGO serves to enhance team spirit.

4 thoughts on “Retro update!

  1. You have retro things, but are you doing something cool with it – except showcasing their old uses? “Doing something cool with late technologies. It’s all legacy now, baby!” Any way to get those old consoles injected into a modern solution? Or go for some retro software tech instead.. as the tech world moves fast and should be plenty of retro non-maintainded solution you can use to get to that extra bonus level 🙂

  2. Hello team mushrooms!

    We are missing your reason for several of the badges. Tell us why you deserve Community Champion and Happy camper!

  3. Thank you for the update! We’d still like to see you helping the other teams in more ways than just being inspired. Try again with a new blogpost on it! 🙂

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