❤️ Sharing is Caring in this Cut Throat Battle 🤟

 Aye, me hearties!

‘Tis true what they say, sharin’ be carin’ like a true pirate!

We hoisted our white flag and approached fellow pirates too se what needed doing. @in1 welcomed us aboard, even tucking away their plank for the occasion. They needed help fighting off backgrounds in their graphics, a honorable task to help with!

With the help of this fancy tool from Adobe (https://express.adobe.com/nb-NO/tools/remove-background), Tommy from @in2 successfully fought every and all white background in @in1 graphics. Resulting in clear and calm user experience, just like the friendly waters we prefer.

Here be the link to our friendemies repo with our contribution for your viewing pleasure: https://github.com/havardhovde-in/pirates-of-the-carribIN/pull/6

Aye, ye be welcome fellow pirates 🏴‍☠️🤜🤛🦜

Meme showing captain Jack Sparrow running from hoards of enemies captioned “incoming pull requests for sharing is caring”

Best practice as pirate hunters

Since our team is on the law-abiding side of the game, we want to be orderly at all stages.
When new code is written and pushed, we make sure to create pull requests so that a colleague can review the code and ensure that we are on the right track.

For build and deploy we use Github Actions

Transparency is also important to us, which is why our repo is open. We have nothing to hide. Feel free to run a code review on our code 😉

Because I care to share!

For this we deserve the “Community Champion” badge:

And “Sharing is caring”

On my way to solve the ongoing Head 2 Head Challenge I came across a blog article that might be a way of solving the challenge.

It’s more important to me that my fellow contestants and rivals learn more about Power Pages – then it is for me to win the challenge – I would like to share this blog article with you.

Hot tip for the next Head 2 Head challenge: When you google for answers, include the name of the person providing the challenge 😉

This will not take you all the way, but it’s a theoretical solution to the Head 2 Head Challenge.

Best of luck – and may the fastest developer win!


Arrr, ’tis true what ye say. In this age of Artificial Intelligence and large language models, ’tis important that we share our learnings and explorations with fellow scalawags for innovation.

We hope Evidi releases the Kraken of Nvidia image generation prompting… and ye’d best keep that shenanigan within pirate domains!

When harnessing tha powers of prompting, we keep our sample API requests tucked away in a Postman collection. Easy to use, easy to share! #ShareAlike, me hearties! #Sharin’BeCarrin’!

#PirateGPT #FTW

Sharing is caring <3

C# 10 introduserer en liten men smud feature som lar deg fjerne klammeparentesene fra namespacedefinisjonen i filene dine. Da får du et lag mindre med indentering og ryddigere kode. I kunnskapsdelingens navn, lagde vi en pull request til Bouvet shredders som takk for de gode tipsene de ga oss kvelden før.

Her kan dere sjekke ut repoet deres: https://github.com/bricenocar/acdc-2022

Vi har selvfølgelig også et public repository tilgjengelig her:

Helping out a fellow turtle

In this crazy world we turtles need to stay together and help each other. In a hackaton there is not much time for making clean code and updating the documentation. We thought we would help out another team by submitting a pull request with some code-cleanup and added description.

nINjas happily approved the changes:

Check it out: https://github.com/TommyBakkenMydland/nINjas/commit/e66048bd8488f0caacb0e9531aded1b60d56a341

Bombshell Updating recent posts

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