Badge – Hipster

React app that runs on node.js server to serve conductors the possibility to drive trains from home office.

The app consumes 2 apps running on a raspberry PI, 1 app for live feed from train webcam and 1 app for controlling the trains through bluetooth.

The conductor portal in vs code to show that we are running it on node.

BTW we are also using react router for our menu handling.

The 2 apps that is serving the video feed and the remote control on the raspberry pi for the train is using for communicating with frontend.

The resulting portal with live feed and further integration to PYTON controlled Rasberry PI

Badge – Plug n Play

It’s not going to win any beauty contest, but the button is critical for Lego City! Once the Mayor confirms the disaster is eminent, every citizen has to be notified about the problem.

This is a button written as a SPFx to trigger an azure function. The azure function will send notifications to citizens that it retrieves from Dynamics.

It has to be said that this button was created by a CRM dude with a lot of help from SP.. UX badge??!??!!;)

Badge – Go with the flow

To manage the important task of notifying the crisis team when disaster occurs we have created a logic app that runs through a process.

IF the IOT device goes offline (LAVA killed the device) a notification is received to logic app. This in turn triggers a message in Teams of the Mayor, and rends the mayor an approval request for “Create Task Force”.

The logic app awaits the confirmation from the Mayor.

Once the Mayor confirms, we have a Disaster Team ready to coordinate the help we need, and a task to be completed.

Badge – Crawler

Search has come a long way in Dynamics these last years. Recently the Relevance search was greatly improved in UI making it such a great place to search for information in Dynamics.

This is a function you have to activate in Dynamics for it to work properly. Once you do, you will be warned about data leaving the dynamics org. The reason for the warning is that data will now be indexed via different azure services outside of Dynamics sphere.

This search uses the standard quick find fields.

Quick Find view
Quick Find field selection

The relevance search activates a search box on top of dynamics.

In this search you can use lots of parameters to refine search:

You can also click the Show more to see several entities

From here you can refine the results further to see entities/records across the system. All in all a great experience for Dynamics.

Badge – Sharing is caring

Both teams are working with Lego Boost. A system from Lego where you can send commands over Bluetooth. Lego normally provides a controller that you can use, but we wanted to use a Rasberry PI. In order to do this we had to install Ras PI Light, before we then installed Python for commands. Since both teams were trying to figure out how to best talk to Lego via RasPI/Python we shared our findings so long to see what worked best. Point Taken got a few new tricks to check out for continuous connection for the bluetooth module. Changes will be implemented to our Train Conductor Portal for remote controlling train:)

Badge – Thieving Bastards

This badge is awarded when using code that you “borrow” or 3.rd party addons. For our solution we have used a bit of each.

First off we have a Portal from The Portal Connector. A professional service from The Portal Connector for Dynamics and the Power Platform ( . This portal is used for our Citizen self service portal.

Portal Home
Submitting the case

We also have used a few PCF components within dynamics to make it look prettier. PCF components downloaded from Github found on . This specific component renders images in the notification field to the form.

Lastly we have a GitHub solution connecting our Rasbery PI to our Lego Train. A solution coded by a Lego enthusiast and reused in our hackathon.