Best practice as pirate hunters

Since our team is on the law-abiding side of the game, we want to be orderly at all stages.
When new code is written and pushed, we make sure to create pull requests so that a colleague can review the code and ensure that we are on the right track.

For build and deploy we use Github Actions

Transparency is also important to us, which is why our repo is open. We have nothing to hide. Feel free to run a code review on our code 😉

2 thoughts on “Best practice as pirate hunters

  1. That is definetly some craftman stuff! However – given your repo is open and shared, is there another badge you could have tagged to get even more gold?

    • Oh, will it be enough to add the tag? If thats the case I’ve added “Sharing is caring” badge claim to the post 🙂

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