❤️ Sharing is Caring in this Cut Throat Battle 🤟

 Aye, me hearties!

‘Tis true what they say, sharin’ be carin’ like a true pirate!

We hoisted our white flag and approached fellow pirates too se what needed doing. @in1 welcomed us aboard, even tucking away their plank for the occasion. They needed help fighting off backgrounds in their graphics, a honorable task to help with!

With the help of this fancy tool from Adobe (https://express.adobe.com/nb-NO/tools/remove-background), Tommy from @in2 successfully fought every and all white background in @in1 graphics. Resulting in clear and calm user experience, just like the friendly waters we prefer.

Here be the link to our friendemies repo with our contribution for your viewing pleasure: https://github.com/havardhovde-in/pirates-of-the-carribIN/pull/6

Aye, ye be welcome fellow pirates 🏴‍☠️🤜🤛🦜

Meme showing captain Jack Sparrow running from hoards of enemies captioned “incoming pull requests for sharing is caring”