Sharing is Caring: Fostering Collaboration in the Competitive Arena

Embodying the true spirit of the ACDC Hackathon, our team ventured beyond the pursuit of mere badges. By assisting another team in refining their analog clock component and sharing our repository for the high-score game component, we championed the essence of community and collaboration within the tech realm. Our efforts served not only to enhance another team’s project but also to disseminate valuable code, setting a standard for openness and collective support among competitors. This ethos of sharing knowledge and resources amplifies the potential for greater innovation and collective success.

The hackathon transcends the notion of mere competition; it represents a consortium of developers challenging the status quo, learning from one another, and crafting solutions that aim not solely at winning but at making a meaningful impact. Through our commitment to earning badges and our acts of sharing, we illuminate the core values of the hackathon—innovation, collaboration, and growth. Our experience demonstrates that when developers unite in their efforts, extraordinary outcomes are within reach, underscoring the power of teamwork in driving forward the boundaries of technology and community engagement.

As one can see, the Pzl Plumbers has also shaired their code, an open source HighScore PCF component, ready to be used in any game you would want to develop 🙂