Giving Power to Retro

Based on the following article: X++ can be dated all the way back to 1998 (and maybe even earlier)!

With help from our own wise wizard – AKA Grandfather/Frank – we have been able to create our own magic in FinOps. The screenshot below shows a customized screen of item number and item related information, in addition to purchase and sales order and project links:

With the help from X++ and Power Automate we are able to send order quantity to FinOps which automatically creates a purchase and sales order. And it does not stop here – it also creates a link between the purchase and sales orders, which is critical to understand what actually triggered the purchase order in the first place. Additionally, we link the orders to project as that would gain a lot of business value for industries such as the construction business. The code below ends with returning the quantity that is going through the order process, which triggers email to the Hololens-user with an order confirmation.

Give love to the #Retro!

One thought on “Giving Power to Retro

  1. The judges don’t think that X++ is legacy – it’s not retro enough for this badge. How about you use some COBOL!

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