Ask and you shall recieve

1. Customer Service Portal
To create the ticket/case that should be resolved. Add live chat support using real time Communications. We will be using Socket.IO as technology.
2. The Kiosk App and Device(iPad) is powered by AI and based on the canvas app.
Business needs: Every solution requires some Marios(agents) to help the princess solve the problems.
So, our kiosk allows you to create Mario’s profile:
The avatar, skillset, and story will be generated based on your photo, and then Mario’s profile can participate in solving the cases for the princeses. (no personal data will be collected)

3. Model-driven app:
Provide the opportunity to match the agents and manage the case-solving process in a more advanced mode.

4. Clippy

We traveled to past and get back with Clippy. Using PCF controls we managed to implement Clippy in model driven app. Our original plan was to connect Clippy to AI and use it to help users. When the App is updated and the user logs in for the first time it will show a notification and highlight changed parts.
We were so impressed by Scott’s video of the copilot that we decided to add some familiar and modern features to the model-driven app. So we are glad to announce Clippy – your GPT-powered copilot. He will help you establish the most optimal process by providing insights based on AI. We found a very nice looking github library for implementing clippy with pcf.