Peach Mini Games introduction

Mario is in great danger, and the fate of the Mushroom Kingdom rests on the shoulders of none other than Princess Peach. Join Peach on an epic journey as she faces a series of incredible trials. Only by conquering the game’s challenging tasks can she unlock the power to save Mario’s life.

As Peach navigates through the Peach Mini Games, her determination and skill will be put to the ultimate test. Get ready for an adventure that go beyond the boundaries of the Mushroom Kingdom, where each victory brings us one step closer to rescuing our beloved Mario. Are you prepared to join Princess Peach on this daring quest?”

The solution

“Embarking on the Peach Mini Games journey, our solution begins with a power base, showcasing all the challenges Princess Peach faces to save Mario. Using a model-driven database, we’ll create a dynamic score board with Power BI reports. To enhance the gaming experience, we’ll implement features from Copilot, and design the games following the best practices of UX principles

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