Soria Moria Nightmare – Early Delivery

Oh no! Princess Peach has been captured by the evil Bowser in the Soria Moria castle! You need to help the people of the Holmenkollen mushroom kingdom save her by solving puzzles all around the houses of Voksenkollen to find a way to access the scary Soria Moria castle!

Our solution

The game will be implemented as a point and click adventure using Power Apps and eventually implementing more Power Platform technology to create the puzzles, even in. This first Minimum Viable Delivery is not quite that advanced or even hard yet.

Current state

The user enters the game into a map screen. 

Clicking on the Gardeners Hut enters the player into the gardeners playroom! 

Looking around in the room the player will eventually find the powerbutton to the computer 

This lets the player solve a puzzle on the computer 

In this early version of the story, it turned out that the gardener had hacked the cage that Bowser stupidly had connected to the internet, so the princess is freed! 

(Fancy graphics pending) 

Congratulations, you have escaped the Soria Moria Nightmare!