Using Power Automate to create Pirate Names using OpenAPIs Davinci model

Bacground: When recruiting potential pirates we want to give them proper pirate names. Pirates 365 is a service oriented platform, and the recruitment frontend posts potential new pirates through a Pirate

Our solutions is using Power Automate and the HTTP Trigger to accept new pirates

We are using the OpenAI (independent publisher) step found in Power Automate ( since it is yet not so easy to get access to Azure Open AI which probably would be better.

We had to do some tuning to get a little bit different answers – at first it just returned “Captain firstname lastname”, but after some tuning by setting down the temperature from 1 to 0,7 and explicity saying not to use the word “captain” we got the desired result.

We are creating the new pirate recruits as Leads in Dataverse so the recruitment team can contact them for possible empolyment

Here is the lead created in Dataverse shown in the “Pirate 365 Manage”, ready to be qualified as a proper Pirate!

We aim for the badges “go with the flow” for using Power Automate Cloud Flows and “The Extstential Risk” for innovative use of AI

One thought on “Using Power Automate to create Pirate Names using OpenAPIs Davinci model

  1. We loved the way you used Power Automate to Go With The Flow , and the integration with Open AI is definitely a good start on your innovation journey –but it was not risky or innovative enough to be an Existential Risk. Keep working on it – you’re on the way to the treasure!

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