Is a Sharing Economy Possible Amongst Pirates?

To give is to achieve. But to plunder is life. So said someone on the internet, sometime, maybe… So how can you combine the two? The answer is to declare every gift a war trinket. We are not sharing, we are reverse plundering.

Behold, of our many victims, Herman from Pirate of the CrabIN:

A Conversation with Herman from team Pirates of the CarabIN on borrowing, versus stealing versus being allowed to use our cables.

One thought on “Is a Sharing Economy Possible Amongst Pirates?

  1. We love your community spirit – and while you are getting closer to the treasure, you need to dig further! The judges would like to see you go more out of your way to help other teams! While this seems like a treasure map, this piece of parchment doesn’t really talk about your team – so we cannot see your awesome team spirit in it!

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