The Skeleton Crews Skeleton Sketches: Hack Sparrows Architectural Treasure Map

When first presenting our idea, the Hack Sparrows shrouded it in mystery. A battle tactic as old as the kraken herself. In the words of Sun Tzu: Never let you enemy know your plan, at least if you have one. Which we most certainly have…

Initial sketch of what The Hack Sparrows wants to achieve.

The Traveling Pirate

Ever heard of the traveling salesman problem? It is a mathematical problem of route optimization: A salesman travels form A to B. In between he has many opportunities for trade. How can we optimize the route in terms of monetary value for the salesman: Which patch gives most bang for the buck, or most buck for the step?

The Bare Bones

We are no salesmen, we are pirates! And based on the presentation many of us are after the same treasures, leaving the best planned pirating rout the winner of pirates. The pirate king!

Our cleverly designed and thoroughly QA’d Architecture (do not double check) shows how we will use state of the (last century) art to enable better piracy.

System diagram showing what the user sees and what the system does. Proudly made with a thieved licenses from our employer. Yarr! (we have license, we just act like we stole them)

On the seven seas the captain has access to a web interface. This web interface uses a Function App to talk to two main services:

  • We data mine the service, which keeps track of all commercial vessels on the seven seas, including the Privateers. And store them in our Data Verse,
  • The Data Verse updates and stores the crawled data to keep track off ship movement, ongoing raids and opportunities (including flagging Privateers as hostile)

Outside the web interface we use tactile feedback systems powered by Arduino (or Our Raspberry Pi is we can get it working) to warn the user of dangers or opportunities.

Henrik creating the Data Verse tables for the power platform that will give power to platform, empowering the pirats to pirate commercial platform vessels

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    1. We loved how you used third party systems and external data to augment your solution – however, we searched all over your blog post – but we couldn’t find any information on how you used search! The judges can’t wait to hear more about that before awarding the Crawler badge.

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