Using Teams as a Familiy Management Hub

We have built a data structure in Dataverse where we are using the standard “systemuser” table to hold information about the famili members

We have added a new table “Family” which is connected to Systemuser / “Family Member” so users can be members of a family with either “Parent” og “Child” roles.

This is the first iteration of this Team, more functionality will follw

Add Kids and Parents to your selected family directly in teams

Giving tasks / chores to kids

We want a system where parents can assign daily tasks / chores to their kids. This can be “Clean your room”, “get the mail”, “take out the trash” etc

This is solved by using standard “Task” acitvities in Dataverse, and we have a Power Automate Flow that is listening to new tasks, ready to give the kid a notification on his Power App on his/hers phone, and further alerting with sound on Sonos it the kid does not respond

We haven’t built a dedicated GUI for the task assignings process yet. This would probably be a Canvas app. So far we are using the model driven app to assign tasks to kids

Power Automate Flow to push notifications to the Kid’s Power App. We also put messages to an Azure Service Bus Queue which is supposed to be picked up by a Raspberry PI controlling the Sonos speakers in the family house

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