Head2Head – CodeInTheDark

The Rules

  • The Challenge starts 20:30
  • One contestant per team, make sure you are prepared using the demo link bellow.
  • Each contestant receives a url to the editor, which includes a screenshot of the page they should implement with HTML/CSS and any additional assets they might need.
  • No iframes, frameworks, snippets or other assets outside of the ones listed in the instructions are allowed. The site should be built from scratch during the competition.
  • The contestant should have the editor in full screen mode, and is never allowed to exit out of it or use any measurement tools.
  • Previews of the results are strictly forbidden until the time is over.
  • Once the 15 minute timer runs out each contestant presents their result to the audience, the judges decides the winner.

Demo link: http://codeinthedark.com/editor/