Empowering Seamless Updates: Unveiling Our Project’s Azure Pipelines Integration!

We claim badges:

  • Power of the Shell – for building shell script for Azure DevOps pipeline for Azure Function deployment, Dataverse solutions, Power Pages and PCF control

We’re thrilled to share a major stride in our project’s evolution! Building upon our commitment to seamless communication, we’ve successfully implemented a CI/CD process for deploying updates to Azure Functions through Azure Pipelines.

This enhancement ensures that our real-time communication capabilities remain at the forefront of efficiency and reliability. With the newly established CI/CD pipeline, deploying updates to our Azure Functions is now a smooth and automated process. This means quicker turnaround times for improvements and features, allowing us to adapt swiftly to the dynamic needs of our users.

The Azure Pipelines integration not only amplifies the agility of our development process but also guarantees a consistent and reliable deployment of updates. As we continue to innovate and refine our project, this CI/CD implementation represents a pivotal step towards maintaining a cutting-edge and user-friendly experience.

We also covered the CI/CD for the dataverse solutions, portal and PCF control: