A New Mario Rises

First Come, First Served: Fastest Customer Service Portal on the Internet 

Power Pages Customer Self-Service revolutionizes the creation of self-service portals, emphasizing incredible speed without sacrificing quality. It took less than 1 hour to create our portal thanks to pre-built templates. This rapid deployment ensures that companies can swiftly build portals for their customers  


We will be building;
Canvas App for registering agents
Model Driven App for monitoring and managing processes
Power Pages for case creation for customers

We have a magical portal but even magic requires maintenance and improvement 

Our next steps involve customizing this customer service for our maintenance company by adding a Mario theme, more options for case creation, and even a live chat supported by AI—all for our princesses in need of a Mario’s help. 

Behind every great portal there’s a great admin center 

When you’ve gained momentum, seize the opportunity. We’ve developed the customer portal, but what about our Marios? We plan to leverage a model-driven app to establish an admin center for them. This platform will enable them to review their cases, with AI dynamically assigning Marios to cases by evaluating the case’s complexity and each Mario’s skill level. 

Even Mario needs a make up 

Are your case forms look too dull? Do you wish to spice things up a bit? We’ve got an AI-supported solution just for you. Each Mario has an AI-generated avatar and backstory. Our princesses can finally see a visual representation of their assigned Mario. 

Return of the Clippy 

Before ChatGPT, there was Clippy. While the community was excited about AI, Clippy was getting an upgrade. He returned stronger, faster, and better. By using PCF controls, we will integrate Clippy into our app, making him even more helpful than before. 

Hey there, digital adventurers! Ever found yourself lost in the endless expanse of the dataverse, wishing you had a trusty sidekick? Well, guess what? A ChatGPT-powered Clippy is just the hero you need!

Mushroom Baklava driven Development 

How will we accomplish all this in just three days? Our team needed some extra motivation. An unnamed member of our team brought some Turkish desserts for us. Whenever we earn a badge, we also get to savor a piece of delicious baklava. Other teams are welcome to try this delicacy; it’s first come, first served. 

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