Sharing Trade with your Fellow Pirates: It’s a Non-Zero Sum Game

Sometime we all maneuver ourselves into bad waters. A zero sum game occurs when you are in waters with an advisory and there are only two options: Either you win the fight, sinking them. Or they win the fight, sinking you. A non-zero sum game however occurs when you both can be victories: There is enough booty for the both of you, and you are able carrying each-other to victory despite adversary.

The crew of @in1 and @in2 crack their skulls together to figure out how this ancient tech called Raspberry Pi and Arduino works. It all runs on flash circuitry, Python, hopes and prayers: Most retro tech there is tech there is.

Team Captain Mats (left) of @in2 and first Mate Håvard (right) of @in1 sharing thoughts on why the Raspberry Pi is not doing what it is supposed to do
Team Captain Øyvind of @in1 is sharing how they set up their Raspberry Pi

A fruitful relationship

The story of Innovations A-team and their First Team was a story of the cut thought battle between two packs of pirates in pristine physical and psychological shape. However after their first love affair over the Raspberry Pi, Captain Øystein asked Swagger of Cloth Sebastian for his input on how badges work. They shared a long and fruitful discussion and are now great allies in this non-zero sum game that is the Arctic Cloud Developer Challenge

Sebastian (left) of the @in2 and Øystein (right) of the @in1 working together to figure out how the Community Champion badge works. They laugh and have fun while sharing theories. Working theory is that they need to cooperate and have fun.
@in2 has put up a backlog to track badges. If anyone needs a visual representation, feel free to have a look.