The Orange Bandits’ fleet tracking

The Orange Bandits’ operation center is need for a mechanism to track vehicles to get more insights about ongoing looting operations. A raspberry pi with a tracking device is the first solution that comes in mind!

Yes, it is mobile! With a power bank it is!

Though, this is not a straightforward solution. Some Python code is due at this point. Unfortunately, The Orange Bandits owns an old Raspberry pi with an old SD card that doesn’t tolerate new updates; not retro enough! Well, we had to use an old version of Python to get this to work!

Hipster and retro 😉 😉
Oh yeah! That’s retro

Embedding a device that flip bytes is not an easy ride. We need to come with innovative ways to to keep it online and to keep the GPS tracker in the “Chinese” satellite signal range!

Here is proposed solution to keep the device connected
Here it is spitting location data (longitude and latitude)