PirateGPT explained – Simulating mood swings

Travelling the seven seas is great fun and pirates can get as moody as anyone else. The ships current loot holding will continue to diminish in between raids and weather sickness can strike at any time. The below input is what we use to simulate mood swings, also output as logic in code.

Of course, we have no idea if this is the actual code or not, as we ask to get schematized JSON – sanitized for input into the dataverse. With mood data available we can start tracking if a mutiny is far away or close at bay.

We’re thinking the following badges apply:

The Existential Risk – text-davinci-003 has never looked better

ACDC Craftsman – documenting verbatim logic for the logical heads out there just makes sense, ensuring everyone can consume and understand the logic at hand independent of their skillset.

Dataminer – LLM are nothing but a huge heap of external data baby! We’re thinking Babels tower in blob.