SharePoint is still fun!

Mobile first! We make sure that our SharePoint site remains responsive, and that our own SPFx web part follows responsiveness.

SPFx on the way

We have started our SPFx project to enable more than modern has out-of-the-box. We build this by using React/NodeJS with TypeScript. Repository for the SPFx can be seen here:

Plan for the SPFx web part

It’s using underlaying data for crimes reported (cases), with crime fighting ninjas (employees) taking on the villains (problems). It’s plan to make good overview of each of these resources and map these to geolocation on maps (plan to integrate google maps to the SPFx view – that should be fun).

And this should all be wrapped into a nice design and be responsive. Then build some Power Apps and Power BI around this again.

PowerPoint for design sketches is needed