Koopa’s AI Challenge

Are you a noob in using AI for work, school or other everyday tasks?

During the hackathon, we will develop a gamified training app for AI newcomers, focusing on engaging users with retro-style graphics and playful animations. The app will feature interactive tutorials on AI tools like CoPilot and image generation, incorporating a competitive game element for users to score points, while ensuring learning effectiveness remains paramount. We’ll leverage a React front-end with Azure and Dataverse back-end to manage course progression and user data.

Core objective

Our core objectives are to create an immersive and enjoyable learning platform that demystifies AI for beginners through gamification. We aim to build a comprehensive educational experience that not only teaches the fundamental concepts of AI but also provides hands-on experience with practical applications in the Microsoft suite. Our goal is to foster a competitive yet educational environment where users are incentivized to deepen their understanding of AI tools, promoting both individual learning and collaborative competition. Ultimately, we strive to produce a product that is accessible, engaging, and continuously adaptable to the evolving landscape of AI technology.

The style of the game will be a retro super mario theme, where the user will be able to move between objects aka challenges and interact with them. Each challenge the user encounter, will give point if they manage to finish it. While moving in the platform world, the user will also be prompted with basic AI knowledge, to learn and understand how to interact with it. Challenges will both be in-game interactive experiences and out-of-game tasks like using copilot within the Microsoft environment.

Solution details

  • Power page for hosting the game
  • PCF component for the actual game
  • Dataverse tables for storage – Challenges, Users, Progression
  • Model driven app for administration of data
  • Power BI reports for easy data insight

Early delivery

Until 12:00 pm on thursday, Pzl Plumbers has gotten their environment up and running, implementing tables into dataverse that will store the information about users, their points and information regarding the challenges. Power platform pipelines are also configured to our three ALM enviroments (dev, uat, prod). Devops projects has been created for code repos and task management.

They have had some minor struggles with setting up the PCF component for the game, which will be implemented within their Power Page, but its coming along and the team spirit keeps shining as always!

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  1. Peeps and friends, show me how you are helping eachother, I want to se hugs and help and snuggles. Go for teamspirit, try again!

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