Replanning the plumber experience

Reducing the complexity

Super Mario isn’t always on adventures, and most of the time he is living a normal life while making a living as a plumber. A typical workday is full of tasks with different levels of complexity, and Mario would benefit from an application that can help reduce some of these tasks. Thereby allowing him to focus on the things he does best… Saving princesses and stomping turtles

Planning a plumbing system

Our solution will be an application developed to help plumbers in planning and estimate the cost of a plumbing system. The basic idea is to upload a houseplan and use AI to recognize obstacles, items that need to be connected and other elements that will affect the final layout. The user will then be able to “draw” the pipes on the plan while avoiding obstacles and connecting required elements, while the application generates a list of components needed for the system and a cost estimate.

Using Azure and Microsoft 365 for communication and management

The user will log in using their Azure AD user profile to an web app that synchronizes with a database in Azure to make sure speed and accessibility isn’t a problem. From this web app they can upload a houseplan that is immediately analyzed using an AI service to retrieve required data. This data is the saved to the database and synchronized back into the app.

As a new commissions are saved to the database they will be synchronized to Dataverse as both a backup and for easily connectivity to the Power platform. By using this platform there will possible to develop solutions that can be used for other activities like accounting, communication, statistics, etc. This also allows an easy implementation in Teams, allowing users to handle these tasks on the go.